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    Muslim looking for Chemical Engineering Job in New York

    Aslamualykum, my brothers and sisters in islam I have noticed that we as Muslims need to network more among ourselves to help each other in both religious and worldly matters. I am opening this thread to one purpose only, that is to help find each other halal jobs. I am a recent graduate in the...
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    why will Allah torture disbelievers for an eternity if he is merciful?

    ^ this tone of yours is all too familiar. So you are here to find errors not to seek knowledge. good luck! i have no intention to waste my energy to explain something to you which you already know but are too stubborn to accept that. You think those people in the paste believed in God because...
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    why will Allah torture disbelievers for an eternity if he is merciful?

    Ibrahim was born into the family of fire worshipers and yet he used his brain to decipher a simple fact that fire and those man made idols could not possibly help them. He searched the truth and found it. Same goes for millions of muslims who were brought the message of islam through different...
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    Satanic Verses

    ^^ what is respectable? isnt it all relative? On the day of judgement Allah will not ask you about your awards, prizes, books or the titles. There is a proper islamic jurisdiction what is applied in cases such as Salman Rushde. it does not matter what we think about his writings. he created...
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    what you think?

    :salam2: do youl think America will become a an exemplary muslim nation one day?
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    which surah and ayah is this?

    :salam2: I have been trying to identify which surah and which ayah from Quran the shaikh in taraweeh is reading. please let me know if anyone knows.:wasalam:
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    A question for all British Muslimahs! Finding modest clothing questions?

    :salam2: May Allah help you with your struggles and make it easy for you. Sister what you think about online shopping. I have bought many dresses online and i am a man living in states.
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    Tips on Night Prayer from Qur'aan

    :salam2: i just saw study by doctors that say 8 hour sleep is nothing but a myth. one should sleep in durations. and i said to myself SubhanAllah, Allah has being telling us to wake up for tahajaad in the middle of night . not only it has spiritual benefits but physical also.
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    Question About This Hadith!

    :salam2: if it is authentic, it is saying to some one other than our prophet (saw) hence it is not hadith. also iraq was mostly referred to as f Kuffa or other provinces etc. dont know where the exact origin of Iraq comes from.
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    What is so bad about having sex?

    :salam2: Although sex outside of marriage is everywhere in every culture but those of you who live in Western hemisphere must have seen the adverse effects of this in the society. how many times we come across young girls whos " baby' father" is in jail, unknown or not around anymore. how is...
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    What is so bad about having sex?

    :salam2: what part of zina being haram in quran you do not understand?? I understand that you are young and believe me every brother here has been there or experiencing sexual frustration and Inshallah if you are patient you will have better wife in this world and inshallah in the jannah...
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    the New World Order

    :salam2: i think this whole thing is based on paranoia. If you must know New world order is a term mostly used by "free market" economists and honestly i have a firm belief in market system that is free and based on islamic principles. there is a very good documentary which explains this...
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    :salam2: i have always been anti war but to be honest deep down inside me i really want America to teach these shias a good lesson. i know i am being very hypocritical. i dont think there will be war because if there is no bad guy in middle east then america and france can not sell their...
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    bismillah. A revert who needs some help.

    :salam2: brother, you have felt the sweetness of iman and if the womean you are with is not on the same wavelenght then it is better for u and our iman that you walk away from this relationship. whatever feelings you have for her will disappear with time inshallah and you will find a better...
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    Proofs From The Scholars For The Niqaab

    :salam2: I am so impressed with all the knowledgeable people here especially brother "islamissimple" and brother "tariq". Where were you all this time? Where are these books with english translation of Al Albani? And why was i not born in Arab country so i could read and understand these...
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    Got Called a Godless Heathen

    :salam2: i have mixed feeling about this. i find it funny and offensive at the same time. u can not fix stupid after all lolz
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    the only living Sahaba today

    :salam2: yah I think its sheikh jafer who tends to lean toward Sufism but i am not sure. well I was only saying it could be "that tree" didnt say IT IS The tree. besides, no one is worshiping the tree. the idea that everything associated with our Prophet is blessed makes it important. I know...
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    the only living Sahaba today

    :salam2: There is a possibility that the tree under which our prophet (pbuh) sat on his journey to Syria when a christian Priest saw the signs of prophet hood in him, is still alive and this tree in the video could be it. its just very exciting to see that. ( sorry for the music in the...
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    Not a two-week vacation

    Dr.William C. Chittick is a professor at Stony Brook university in long island and while at university I have had the pleasure to meet Him. He is an amazing person who has devoted his life translating works of Rumi, ibni Arabi, hafeez and many more. I have also read some of his book and they are...
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    GOD particle!

    :salam2: for people who don not know what "god particle" is and why its called god particle. the particles in search right now is a theratical particle which explains how mass of anything came into being. it was independentily therorized by two group of people and was named "higgs boson"...