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    From UAE

    Salaam reed salaam its good to see that you are intrested in islam .
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    i started wearing the hijab

    Well Done Salaam well done sisters It is very good that you have starting wearing the niqab and hijab. May AllAH give you the strength to continue to wear this. Remember it is for Allah . As you are wearing tis it is very important you have the good character too.Im very happy for you lol...
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    Bahira the Monk: Islamic History Photos from Syria.

    Wow Salamm All I think that those pictures were amazing
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    The Science behind the veil

    lol Salam i forgot to put the article on lol The Science behind the Veil There are a number of healths and moral benefits that wearing the veil can provide. The moral duty of wearing the veil (Hagab) in Islam is an Often-discussed topic among Muslim women. However, little has been written...
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    The Science behind the veil

    Salaam Brothers and Sister i hope you are all well in iman. Anyways, i saw this article on the website . So i thought i post it . It is a really good read.
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    The Pious Wife

    Salaam Umm Aysha what a beatiful poem May Allah grant us all pious wifes and husbands ameen
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    exams ...

    Salaam Sister Delyan I make dua for you , can you make dua for me ...
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    New Member Aniq

    Salaam Dear brother and Sisters who are in the usa. I WAS WONDERING how is it living there , can you practice islam and is there any dawah work going on yours Wassalaam
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    Spring Gift

    :salam2: :salah: This is a realy good poem on the Prophet Muhammed SAW i thought i share it its by Shaikh Hamza Yusuf. Spring's Gift By Shaykh Hamza Yusuf *Removed*
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    New Member Aniq

    :salam2: Hope everyone is well and in the best state of iman. I been on this site many times . Now i decided to become a member.I hope Allah helps me help my brother and sister through this site :tti_sister: