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  1. Fatima S.Ar

    Shafiq from Gaza

    و عليكم السلام , حياك الله أخي الكريم و مرحبًا بكل أهل غزة الحبيبة ..
  2. Fatima S.Ar

    New to islam

    Welcome home , Steph ! I'm Fatima from Saudi Arabia . Enjoy your stay :)
  3. Fatima S.Ar

    Question: What does this mean?

    well translated , both of you !
  4. Fatima S.Ar

    Hello My Muslim sisters :)

    Here it's in short :
  5. Fatima S.Ar


    Welcome sister ❤️happy Ramadan to you too .
  6. Fatima S.Ar

    New to Site

    Sorry for being late . Don't hesitate brother , as you said , you cannot guarantee what will happen to your life till Ramadan ends :) Regarding fasting , I had the same situation with a brother who converted and is facing difficulties with his family bcz they doubt that his has converted and if...
  7. Fatima S.Ar

    New to Site

    You're welcome ! Any questions \ doubts you have ? =)
  8. Fatima S.Ar

    Worry Ends When Faith Begins <3

    Worry Ends When Faith Begins <3
  9. Fatima S.Ar

    Worry Ends When Faith Begins <3

    Worry Ends When Faith Begins <3
  10. Fatima S.Ar


    Wa alaikom Assalam my brother , Regarding which subject , exactly ?
  11. Fatima S.Ar

    News A Muslim Woman Murdered

    That's so sad :( May God bestow His Mercy on her .
  12. Fatima S.Ar

    New to Site

    Welcome home , Raj ! =)
  13. Fatima S.Ar

    Assalaamu Alaykum

    Wa alaikum assalam sister , welcome to Islam and to TTI forum =) It always happens like this , people first stand against the new change but with time they accept it . Your family needs time and more information about the true Islam . You may find difficulty in the begining but God is with and...
  14. Fatima S.Ar

    Esselamun aleyküm

    Welcome brother =)
  15. Fatima S.Ar

    Alhamdulillah A New member from KSA

    أهلا بك و سهلا .. حيا الله ابن مدينتي =)
  16. Fatima S.Ar

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome here , Johnson ! I'm Fatima from SA , Nice to meet you =)
  17. Fatima S.Ar


    Welcome Home dear Laura ! I hope you enjoy your stay :) Feel free to ask any question you have . May God guide all of us to the right path =)
  18. Fatima S.Ar

    فرحة العيد

    الله يجبر كل منكسر .. في العيد و غيره ..
  19. Fatima S.Ar

    How long is your roza/ saum?

    Jeddah - Saudi Arabia : 14.5 hours .
  20. Fatima S.Ar

    New member introduction

    Welcome home sister =) I'm glad you like our Arabic recipes xD Enjoy your stay !