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    hitting a car

    Salaam brothers and sisters I need advice as to what i should do....... couple of months back, i was reversing my car and without realising hit the side of a parked car, i panicked and drove off without leaving any hour later once i came to my senses i went back to leave my...
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    ppl.....i cnt blieve im back!!!!!missed u allllll loadssssss

    MUBARAK!!!!!!! Salaam Sis Congrats, Alhumdolillah!!! I am so happy for you:ma: Inshallah may your hubby get his visa quickly and may he come over pronto........:hearts: one piece of advice that i will give you is dat dnt rush in sending your paper work over......makesure everything is...
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    I need some insight

    Your not the only 1! I wish i could say it was something that i havent experienced but that would be lying. I often feel as though my imaan is lacking and that even making salah turns out to be the most difficult thing even though it should be the most easiest thing i should do. i find that i...
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    Can a Girl Get Married on Her Own?

    Wow............ so much knowledge Alhumdolillah
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    Clarificaton please- Shirk

    salaams All Today i was watching a programme on shirk on an islamic channel and by the end of it was left very much so confused on the subject of shirk! one angle that was presented was that somewhere in the quran and in sahih hadith it says that all muslims would be protected from shirk and...
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    I have to say this, i am really upset that even people in the holiest of all citites could be so low and !!!!! basically my mum has gone on hajj for the first time ever.........she is currently in medina and was in masjid al- Haraam and was held down by two ladies and was robbed of an amount of...
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    Calling all please

    Asalaamu Alykum Bros and Sis I have an interview on friday and was wondering whether any1 could help me out. It is for a teaching post in a secondary school and I have to prepare a 30min lesson on plants and have to include a level assessed task and SATs questions for a low ability year 9...
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    Should I tell him........????

    Asalaamu Alykum I have been married for three months and Alhumdolillah I am very happy that Allah swt has blessed with such a beautiful companion (inside and out). Prior to getting married and gaining a better understanding of this beautiful deen, whilst living in jahiliya i did alot of...
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    Hajib- Need Advice.

    :salam2: brother 786 In response to ur question abt our Prophet SAW, I don't know of any specific ayah or hadith where Prophet Muhammad SAW refers to head covering in regards to what u have asked, i apologise if i made it seem as if this was taken from evidence directly from the sunnah or...
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    Hajib- Need Advice.

    :salam2: Brother Being a sister and being pakistani i can understand what your saying. there everyone thinks its okay to not cover infront of your male relatives and believe me it doesn't get easier being in the uk. you have to understand that its not her fault but the society and culture that...
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    Asalaamu alykum Brothers and Sisters

    Jazakamullah Khair, thank you to everymine for making me feel so welcome alhumdolillah. May allah swt reward you all for your kindness, inshallah:tti_sister:
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    Asalaamu alykum Brothers and Sisters

    :hijabi: :salam2: Asalaamu alykum, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say salaam to everyone associated with the turn to islam website and all of its members. :bismillah1: