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    please help and guide me

    thank you all for your positive words of encouragment. It always comforts me that I can come to this site for helpful advice from my brothers and sisters. I will listen to the talks on youtube that have been suggested. Thanks for suggesting them to me sister.
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    please help and guide me

    hello everyone can I please apologise for my long absence from the site due to personal reasons. I would like to know if any one feels concerned as I am about there own selves commitment to Islam. I complete the 5 daily prayers and read Quran everyday but I always feel I could do more to be a...
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    Who are the best clerics

    dear brothers and sisters can. You recommend Any. Clerics who provide high quality muslim teachinngs for me to listen to
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    r u a convert/revert or a born Muslim?

    I am a convert to Islam it is the wonderful thing I have done in my life to become a Muslim I now can not imagine my life without Islam may Allah bless us all peace be upon him
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    Does anyone know how I can download the noble quran to my new iphone

    Salam brothers and sisters how can I download the wonderful Quran to my iphone any help would be much appreciated peace be upon you all
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    I need advice

    dear brothers and sisters how can I be sure to be the best muslim I can be it troubles me because I sometimes feel as if I could be doing more to please Allah I would be eternaly grateful for your advising words
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    Why is there so much negativity

    hello brothers and sisters I am sorry for my absence from the forums but if been very busy. Anyway I just don't understand why there is so much negativity towards Islam from non Muslims this fact worries me alot as all people should need to carry out the will of our great creater in order to...
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    why is there so much negativity towards. Muslims

    this truely troubles me why it can not be seen by the west that Islam and Muslims are a beutiful thing they should stop resisting and submit to allahs will and they would see the improvment in their lives
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    what should I do

    dear brothers and sisters this will be my first Xmas as a Muslim I need advice on how to properly deal with it because everywhere I go I see Xmas things your help and support would be much apreciated
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    I am now fully cleansed

    thank you I will keep that in mind does anyone recommend any particular nasheeds
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    I am now fully cleansed

    Hello brothers and sisters peace be upon you all I have finally managed to destroy all the inappropriate evil filth in my home there is now not a room in my home with non Muslim items in. I have gotten rid of my iPod and all such evil distraction to allow me to fully devote myself to Allahs will...
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    it was beutiful

    Eid mubarak brothers and sisters and thank you
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    it was beutiful

    masha Allah me and my mother ripped up and burnt our non muslim clothes they are inapprpriate it was beutiful brothers and sisters as we burned that inappropriate garbage
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    I have now learnt the quran

    I used an english version of the Quran but it included the Arabic text I'm still not great at Arabic but I'm getting better
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    I have now learnt the quran

    Allah Akbar I have finally learnt the wonderful Quran it is a wonderful feeling for me I hope Allah is proud of me
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    Jingle Bells?

    this will be my first Christmas as a muslim I also am finding it hard to ignore the Santa and Christmas trees I can't wait 4 Christmas 2 b over. It is hard 4 all of us to endure
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    my family have finally become Muslim

    my mother my father my brother and my cousins have join Islam to if been tell ing them the joys of islam4 months and my mother now wears hijab they have all realized the goodness of Muslims and the Islamic teachings
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    my family have finally become Muslim

    thank you brother
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    my family have finally become Muslim

    I have 4 family members that live with me
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    my family have finally become Muslim

    Allah has answered my prayers my family have embraced Islam. They have now opened their eyes to the greatness of the Islamic faith it is truly beutiful