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    relatively new convert

    hey sis, Londons like 15% muslim so 1 in every 9 or 10 here is Muslim so you'll find plenty of sisters to support you, just visit a mosque and insh'allah you'll find some sisters there. Jamil
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    Don't be bothered about these images, these apperently the work of some mischievous people trying to divide the ummah by creating thses fake images well i'm not sure if there fake but there is alot of description of Dajjal and his family we are not certain if he meets the criteria. BTW my...
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    :salam2: The article in question has been removed for various reasons. First of all, we Muslims are not people of propaganda. We base our sources for what we say on evidence, and dont go up on an emotional hype which has no foundations at all. Some of it could be due to ignorance to topics...
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    Video Henri 13 years old convert to islam

    Lol I was there sis it was last november, at Excel london. ;)
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    Must be some diploma he won in a doritos packet.
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    what if a Muslim....

    Didn't she die promoting man made democracy? thats not dieing in the way allah is it?
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    Man without a face

    For anyone who thinks why they are ugly, thank Allah for what you have after looking at that person.
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    what is your name? what does it mean?

    My name is Jamil which mean beautiful, my full name is Muhummad Jamil Ahmed. :)
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    To be fair brother none of the speakers are paid, i asked yusuf estes and yusuf chambers themselves they are not paid to attend the event. As for making money they give out free tickets on Islam channel for anyone donating over £100 during ramadan, so i'm sure their intention are for good not...
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    Global Peace and Unity event whos going from TTI?

    Just wondering if any brothers or sisters from turn to islam are going to the event as i'm going later, i knows it's started already lol, but i'm going at 5:30 in the evening.
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    If moving to London...

    Yea due to the olympics around here in East London it's getting expensive(already is) but 1 brother mentioned hounslow, that too far it's like next to heathrow airport lol, leyton is quite decent. Even with the 2012 olympics, it's not just the stadium getting ready to be built but also...
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    If moving to London...

    1 in 8 Londoners are muslim, if you want to be real close to muslims then east London is your best place, and also you have the East London mosque, and the city is very close, there other places like edgware road alot of arab brothers and sisters live there, but don't worry about mosques, there...
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    Nationalism makes my blood boil.

    I do agree with your brother, except about, when does TV become representative, obviously media loves to get the little parts and hugely exaggerate it to make juicy headlines, but genuinely i've seen muslims countries go on about their countries love on tv and without, i'm not being...
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    Nationalism makes my blood boil.

    Like the sister said above in UK they want us to say i am british first before muslim, now i am not being ignorant but living in London in a place where many people would say they are proud to be from if they had the chance, i don't i am proud to be only muslim sure i love the London people but...
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    Nationalism makes my blood boil.

    Nationalism is at the core of our Ummahs crisis, it is a very well planned out plot the british and other nations made up to divide people, fair enough back then people loved there countries, but in the age of the internet, no one can say i couldn't find the truth. Even here at turn2islam...
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    salam sisters need help here asap!!!!!!

    Sister your 14, you seriously need to consider your options, the guys 24 thats 10 years older then you, you've just become a teenager, the fact that his asking for marriage with you is odd, because im 18 i would never think about marriage to an 8 year old in this day and age, if you 24 and he...
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    Eid in the Square held in Trafalgar Square............

    I filmed alot of it, but you know nokia mobile phone quality, it's gonna be aired on islam channel 8pm tommoro so check it out bros n sistas, W'salam
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    Eid in the Square held in Trafalgar Square............

    You beat me to it sister, i was gonna ask the same question, it was brilliant London has so many diffrent types of muslim its a shocking even though i have spent my entire 18 years of life here but after all 1 in 10 Londoners are muslim;) who was your favourite act? mine was brother Hamza...
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    salam where is brother erick

    I was thinking what happened to the swedish brother too?
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    Did anyone watch Dispatches Last Night? "Unholy war"

    The programs was about Muslim converts, not reverts, but people who have left islam for christianity in UK, they estimate about 3000 people have left Islam in UK:(. But even before i watched the documentary i knew who these people who leave islam would be. Like there circumstance, there...