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  1. unique_princess

    Looking 4 a name for my baby sis

    :salam2: i like, Zahra'a it means flower
  2. unique_princess

    Which Islamic Book are you reading now

    :salam2: i'm reading: ' FIRST THINGS FIRST ' by Khalid Baig. it's a really good book with many subjects, very concise and to the point, and it really makes you think. he has a way with words. and he tackles things that Muslims really need to think about especially in the west, what our...
  3. unique_princess

    Where do you live?

    :salam2: W.Yorkshire, England Ma assalaama
  4. unique_princess

    Finally spilling it (Pt.1)

    Assalamualayk, i saw your post, when i read the pre-destination question, i recalled how my teacher(May Allah reward him) explained it to us, Allah knows what will happen, but dos'nt make it happen. just as doctors may tell a patient 'you are about to die', or 'well soon your symptoms...
  5. unique_princess

    Al-Aqsa Landslide Sounds the Alarm

    Al-Aqsa Landslide Sounds the Alarm 18 February 2008 OCCUPIED JERUSALEM — A landslide at part of Al-Aqsa Mosque esplanade has sounded the alarm over the ongoing Israeli excavations near Islam's third holiest shrine. Worshippers witnessed a crater at the esplanade as they were en route to...
  6. unique_princess

    The history of Muslim spain

    :salam2: i watched this, and found it intresting , so i thought i'd share it with you guys. hope you enjoy it. as i've become...
  7. unique_princess

    HOW can people....?

    :salam2: i'm feeling slightly off the mark...the craziness of the world is having an impact on me...i've just realised Muslims around the world keep on saying :Allah is with us, he will help us (he sure will if we obey him) many Muslims around the world, want the freedom of the west(not all...
  8. unique_princess


    :salam2: i love makkah...when i'm there i feel so close to Allah, and when i leave i feel as if i'm being torn away, but i would love to live in Madinah, the city of the prophet, after All prophet :saw2: himself chose Madinah. besides that in reality, i wouldn't mind staying any where in...
  9. unique_princess

    you know what I am starting to think Salaat and prayer does not work

    Assalamualayk sister. read this poem and i hope it gives you some hope(it helps me, i tend to read it when l feel all wrong)! Allah's Plans ** ** ** Some things are beyond planning. And life doesn't always turn out as planned...
  10. unique_princess

    If This Won't Move You..I Don't Know What Will!!!

    :salam2: Alhamdulillah, MashaAllah. May Allah bless the child Ma assalaama
  11. unique_princess

    Please pray for my dad :(

    :salam2: your in my duas. i hope he gets better, and this becomes a turning point in his life. many people get closer to religion after an ilness where they could have died. i pray this is what happens. ma asalaama
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    :salam2: death is frightening, on the day of judgement Allah will so angry that his prophets and messngers will be afraid to talk to him. the only hope i have, comes from a hadith: that Allah has made 100 parts of his mercy, he sent 1% of this mercy into the wold, and the rest of it will be...
  13. unique_princess

    Exclusive: 'Fatah, Hamas will join ranks if IDF raids Gaza'

    Alhamdulillah, May Allah unite the two forces together, and give them a true understanding of their responsibilities. Jazakillah sister, ma assalaamah
  14. unique_princess

    "She is definitely no good for you"

    :salam2: it's intresting to see what my brthers and sisters came up with. the lesson is what most of you said, don't judge some one because of what you hear...if it is going to benefit you by finding out the truth, do so. if not, leave it. it is not your place to judge. every thing you...
  15. unique_princess

    from the wise sayings of luqman

    :salam2: from the wise sayings of luqman: " if you're in prayer take care of your heart, if you're eating,take care of your throat, if you're in another man's home take care of your eyes, if you're among people take care of your toungue. Remember two matters and forget two matters: Remember...
  16. unique_princess

    "She is definitely no good for you"

    :salam2: Ash sha’bi related that he one day heard Al Mughirah Bin Shuba say. “ The only per son who ever defeated me in any thing was a young man from the clan of Banu Al Harith bin Ka’b. that occurred when I proposed to a woman from Banu Al Harith. When I did so a young man from the same...
  17. unique_princess

    The Power of Dua

    :salam2: Once prophet Muhammad ( :saw2: ) passed by some people who were suffering from affliction, “why don’t they make dua to Allah for protection” he said. With all the suffering and disasters Muslims are facing in this world, the question can be directed to all of us today. It is...
  18. unique_princess

    Student President =D

    :salam2: MashaAllah brother and well done.keep up being good and nice..and people will like you even more. keep your priorities in the right order and dont forget May Allah help you fulfill your responsibilities.Aameen Remember...كلكم راع و كلكم مسؤلون عن رعئتة... It has...
  19. unique_princess

    i need ur views for my assighnment

    :salam2: jazakamullahu kheir. thank you for your views and help..i'm trying to sort things out in my head and start writing. any of you know why doctors don't believe homeopathy works? when i told my doctor i was using homeoathic remedies , he made some sarcastic remarks, and when...
  20. unique_princess

    I did Shahadah

    :salam2: well done sister! condratulations. May Allah keep you steadfast on your choice, and help you through! Aameen Mm assalaama