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    I would recommend you to watch the following video on jannah, the lecturer goes into the details of jannah. Must watch !
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    Christian V Muslim dialogue

    Brother, there is nothing wrong in interfaith dialogue. In actual fact, even if it does not guide an individual to Islam/religion, it still provides them with general knowledge about a religion, which is critical in this modern society. If you look at history, many great islamic scholars had...
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    Some videos on why evil exists: the video I am sharing is more academic... I encourage my brothers and sisters to watch videos of brother 'Hamza tzortzis' who debates many academics, including a recent debate VS Professor Laurence Krauss...among others.
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    Marriage Advice Needed

    Yes you can marry a women without falling in love, and this is simply known as the 'halal way of marriage'. The reason being, if you marry someone through 'Love' that presumably means you have been in an illicit relationship which everyone knows is Haram (e.g, meeting up, talking on the...
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    Marriage Advice Needed

    walikumsalam. Sister Aisya- jazakallah for the reply. However, you did you touch on the issue of finance in a realistic manner. The brothers situation is such that he has NO job. How will he maintain his wife/family? unless somehow he finds a box of treasure somewhere. Reagarding the zina...
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    Marriage Advice Needed

    Walikumsalam. Firstly, mashaallah in starting your daily prayer consistently. Regarding the marriage issue, i think i agree with the previous comment of the brother who bought up the topic of 'finance' being important. Marriage is not a joke or a lifestyle whereby you can get away with the...
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    POLYGAMY In Islam

    walikumsalam. I totally agree with brother uniqueskates on the issue of finance at this time of the market. I mean, you see many relationships (muslim/non muslim community) breaking up due to financial hardship. The statistics is just horrifying, and is a portrayal of how society is currently...
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    Iran Collapses overnight?

    seriously Iran's leaders are up their with the corrupt. I don't care if IRAN is putting a brave face to the west. The fact is iran is a SHIA state, and it's spreading corruption by spreading FALSE islam. If you don't believe me, all you need to do is read 'ayatolahs' books, which are pure filth.
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    Iran Collapses overnight?

    Brother maybe you have not realised. News reporting from islam channel and co are pants. Muslim journalism is really poor at this moment in time. In fact, we muslims should have had our own version of CNN,BBC ETC. But our state of laziness has made us rely on other sources (i.e, bbc, cnn) to get...
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    is it near the second coming of isa?

    assalamualikum. Well without a doubt mehdi and isa (pbuh) will return before the end time, and this is documented well. The question of 'when' is unknown. There are several reasons for that. one of them being that it's in the domain of AL-Ghaib (unseen, only allah knows). The other reason...
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    A few Questions !

    :salam2: brothers and sisters, inshallah everyone's good. I just had the following questions that i would like to be answered if possible. 1- It's recorded in sahih hadith that the prophet (pbuh) said Islam will enter every house. Does this mean that it will occur before some of the major...
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    Marriage - I just don't get it...

    walikumsalam brother. Brother believe me most if not all young brothers and sisters are suffering from this (including me). we look left, right and forward and it's just full of fitna. we go to places and fitna literally slams on you. It's a very hard situation to be in and hard to resist. I...
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    500 Muslims descend upon the London 2012 Olympic Games!

    :salam2:. On Saturday 4th August, Muslims from across the world descended upon London to peacefully invite mankind to explore their existence and purpose of life.
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    Bangladesh Closed Humanitarian Access to BURMA

    nothing new really. in the past many neighboring countries have closed their doors to the country that is inflicted. It's specially worse when you have a corrupt government like the Bangladeshi government (most 'muslim' governments are corrupted anyway). brother abd_al_hadi- lets not get to...
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    French workers fired for fasting

    walikumsalam, Well, truth be told, this is the result of muslims not being active in france. I mean if your just gonna work and eat all day, these rules are bound to come and attack you. France has a huge population of muslims but yet they are not politically active or anything unfortunately...
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    Is using toothpaste in ramadan allowed?

    Brother i don't understand this. If you brush at night and go to sleep, you still get a bad breath when you wake up in the morning. How is this the solution?
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    Is using toothpaste in ramadan allowed?

    :salam2: hope everyone good ! I just had one questions. Is using Toothpaste allowed in ramadan? i have heard the opinion is divided, but i want a more clearer answer if possible. Lets get real, its hard to communicate with your peers if you do not brush your teeth. How the hell can you talk...
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    hmm...mercy mission UK is one of the leading islamic organisations in the UK. They are active in the year, accommodating good events with well known speakers. The thing that is baffling me now is that the institution has some well known brothers/speakers..such as brother thawfike choudhury and a...
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    Ibn Khaldun on evolution.

    jzakallah khair brothers for the responses. I guess we slightly moved away from the topic, as the main theme was of Ibn Khaldun's opinion on evolution. Besides, as a muslim i do not believe in evolution from ape to man. Yes evolution does occur on a cellular level but not from species. But as...
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    Ibn Khaldun on evolution.

    jazakallah brother itqan ullah for shareing your links. Brother Usamah hassan has apologised and asked allah for forgiveness, inshallah allah will forgive him and guide him ameen. Besides this, i was soo surprised to read Ibn Khaldun's book and the mentioning of evolution. His regarded as one of...