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  1. Yousef83

    Luck haraam?

    no dear sister,i can't say that really.I have no permission to manage u whether its sin or not but up to logic its atheist words.Also usually unbeliever people say these words often. "Luck" word already enough to keep away.We don't believe luck or anything include luck.Its fate by Allah azze v...
  2. Yousef83

    I am 30 !!!!!!!!!!!

    You become adult person at 30 ? :) May Allah give u best imaan,strength to fight against evil,nefs and best health.
  3. Yousef83

    Luck haraam?

    i think its very specific and sign of atheism.Nothing happen by itself.Wish me luck whom? Everything happens by Allah's permissions no doubt
  4. Yousef83

    The Weapons of the Prophet

    can you inform us about which title(s) wrong with proof?Because its very important to know correct and warn our friends if we see that title again
  5. Yousef83

    Much Ado About Nothing

    lets bring here also some toys then we can continue to playing after eating,here we are big Muslims.Of course satiated can't understand hungry one and looks for fun. Its fun time for Muslim world
  6. Yousef83

    Revert sister requires help!!

    this is completely personal condition,i think first u should help that guy of ur family member
  7. Yousef83

    is this allowed in picture-making?

    very logical,also made me smile,may Allah make u smile
  8. Yousef83

    Israel deploys nuclear submarines off the coast of Iran

    no doubt Allah(a.c) support us against Kuffar but when we are sincerely turn to Allah (a.c) and i think its not with this Ummah...That is not us
  9. Yousef83

    Cat lovers; HELP ME FIND A PIC!!!

    Our beloved Prophet (sav) said that cat is not a dirty animal
  10. Yousef83

    Israeli forces storm Gaza aid ship

    This time situation very serious.I know Turkish ppl very close they wont leave condition just like to mourn.Now i watch Turkish tv and ppl have started to be unite in big cities. isreal have a big trouble now. here is official turkish news tv...
  11. Yousef83

    Prison V/s Working Place

    yes you are right wigan guy.I heard many poor and homeless people do small guilt to pass winter in jail in uk
  12. Yousef83

    Who is Your Favourite Qur'an Reciters!

    JazakAllah khair but I really can't watch videos here,i don't understand whats changed
  13. Yousef83

    Why are the majority of Hell's inhabitants women?

    Aleikom Salaam sister, "" The best of you are those who are best towerd thier wifes,and among you I am the best towerd my wifes". This Hadith now on my kitchen wall :) I see this one when I'm in the kitchen,one of the important hadiths for me.I don't say opposite.I meant Prophet(sav) didnt say...
  14. Yousef83

    Why are the majority of Hell's inhabitants women?

    thanks for the short brief sister/brother Jannatul Firdaws because before you specify I knew all men go to Jennah !!! We shouldnt remove this topic.Nothing misconceptions here.We speak about how important wife's behaviours to husband.We don't say all the women go to hell without reason.But As...
  15. Yousef83

    Finally, I reverted to Islam

    Yes its wonderful post thanks for sharing,JazakAllah khairan. I think every converted Muslims have miracles during searching about Islam and after turning periods,personally.I heard tousands of stories about that.Its absolutely a gift by Allah(c.c) to show you that you did correct thing as a gift
  16. Yousef83

    Why are the majority of Hell's inhabitants women?

    Yes brother many women don't notice how important behavior to their husbands.Imagine that,the first woman who will join Jennah is not any wife of Prophet(sav),no any of daughters of him(sav),no His(sav) mother. A woman who is very respectful,obedient to her husband,even don't speak if her...
  17. Yousef83

    Let people know what happens there:Must Watch

    yes brother you are right,i showed reaction too much mad than normal.Thats why i decided not to follow kind of topics from now on.I watched enough so far.Thanks for understanding.JazakAllah khairan
  18. Yousef83

    Let people know what happens there:Must Watch

    Difference is they work and we just speak.Like now and as always
  19. Yousef83

    Video pass the message of hope and salvation

    I can't watch videos on TT since I'am back.I have IE8
  20. Yousef83

    Are you a Member of Club99

    Dear brother I really would like to have nervous system just like yourself.Its great speciality.Just 5 mins ago you can show how much your are sad and angry on Palestine topic and now you look in different mood and can smile.To envy is sin but I have to admit that I envy you. We really care...