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  1. BetAmakeR

    Im so happy to be muslim!!!!

    Mashallah.. that is one of islamic miracle that all of us seem to ignore, glad u find it at last. :salah:
  2. BetAmakeR

    Way of the Muslim:: Yusuf Estes :: ooo(All episodes)ooo ۞۩۞

    Thank for link very beneficial and may Allah(swt) reward your deed. :salah:
  3. BetAmakeR

    Simply Amazing........

    mashallah such a beautiful story and i glad u able to make progress little by little everyday in your life. U know what sis, your story inspire me to face great challenge my life and i know Allah(swt) test me so that my iman will be more strengthen. i just hope one day i will be able to overcome...
  4. BetAmakeR

    New member

    welcome erin, good to know that u here to seek a knowledge in this beautiful religion,go on proceed finding truth in your life and u know what there is no such thing being too late.. :salah:
  5. BetAmakeR

    I have just taken my shahada now shocked, before this u say otherwise now am glad u back to truth path, and my Rever2007 sis u really done a great job, May Allah reward Jannah..ameen :salah:
  6. BetAmakeR

    Salaam everybody-intruducing myself

    welcome bro welcome..come grab my hand, together we build world a better place:SMILY139:
  7. BetAmakeR

    bismillah hir rehman nir raheem

    mashallah, 3 sibling on TTI..this is a record:biggrin: Anyway welcome to TTI :SMILY206::SMILY206:
  8. BetAmakeR

    How is your fast going?

    Alhamdunillah today is blessed with a cooler weather and i dont even feel thirst...:SMILY346:
  9. BetAmakeR

    How is your fast going?

    Oh my sister, dont worry about past mistake because Allah is most forgiving and u not doing it on purpose, should u confused about 2 different time, then u better take latter one until u really confirm which one is true..bout ur dream, everyone had a bad dream(myself include) but it should not...
  10. BetAmakeR

    I am

    Mashallah..wonderful journey to islam and thank to ALLAH for guide u to true path :salah:
  11. BetAmakeR

    Selam :)

  12. BetAmakeR

    Assalam Alaykum From Mahyar (:

    :wasalam: Alhamdunnillah glad to hear u muslim now, hope to communicate more wit u soon, anyway welcome to TTI :SMILY206::SMILY206:
  13. BetAmakeR

    introducing myself...hehe

    welcome sis welcom :SMILY206:
  14. BetAmakeR

    Assalamo alaykom

    Goodjob...keepit up
  15. BetAmakeR

    I am happy for u sis :salah:
  16. BetAmakeR

    Ramadan has Made its Way! everbody talk about this coming ramadhan..almost make my heart stop beating for waiting too long :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  17. BetAmakeR

    The door that never closes...

    mashallah..beneficial :salah:
  18. BetAmakeR

    How do I?

    :wasalam: if that so, then u should Tayammum because last time i also had involved in accident and my doc also say my leg should have no contact with water . But alhamdunnillah there is no permanent injury.
  19. BetAmakeR

    Ramadhan in a muslim country.

    mashallah very touching...cant w8 ramadhan, most waited month :salah:
  20. BetAmakeR

    ya Ramdhan!

    mashallah beautiful poem :SMILY34: