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    Salam alaikum My advice would be to make dua ask allah to protect you protect your honour your modesty and your soul. make dua as much as you can i would also advice you to delete this facebook page make a new one and add people you need and people you know are not going to have those...
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    The hijab . Hijab is a blessing from Allah , to wear it is a act of worship to the Lord. I have chosen to write a bit about hijab ,niqab and non hijab from my experiances and the experiances of those most loved to me . So what is hijab why do we wear it why do some women not wear it? and...
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    memborizing Quran

    Memborizing the Quran Assalam alaykum i heard from a muslimah that if i memborize all the quran i can ask Allahs permission to take 70 members of my family to paradise is this true? and if so wheres the source can you quote me the hadith or quran verse thanks :SMILY259:
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    assalm alaykum this is what i know of them....but God forgive me if anything i say is wrong.... here goes... so salafism is a modern term for people who refer t themselfs as salafis people who call themselves salafis say that they follow the prophet (pbuh) and the companions...
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    :The Glamorised Hijab:

    assalam alaykum i agree with you. however in islam we are aloud to have nice clothing look clean tidy and stylish but in a modest way. for example wearing a long coat with a nice hijab and nice shoes theres nothing wrong with that the only problem is when you start showing ur body...
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    Children born out of wedlock

    salama alaykum children are born pure . no sin is on them for what thier parents did dont get anxiety about it many people who are born out of wedlock grow up to be amazing people and even become muslim (if thier not already) so inshallah it wont effect them and also now that u are...
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    wa alaykum salam nooo idea .....but i did hear from my friend that before mekkah became so modern that people used to walk and travel from all across the world and it would basically be free another friend told me its because the muslim population it rising . but i got no idea....i guess...
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    Vegetarianism is best

    wa alaykum salam it depends on your intention i am vegeterian because of my living situation its not easy for me to get meatand my family dont eat halal . Also i heard that the prophet (pbuh) sometimes only got to eat meat once a this true? Some people need meat in thier diet so...
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    My brother, the islamist

    :salam2: ya i saw it it made me upset co myy family was watching it and i thought oh no...they ganna go against islam but my brothers wife came to me and said why are they acting like that and why are they not just peacefull like urself so i explained to her extreism and it was good dwah to...
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    ya lool i seen them they go super fast in the balls its so cute but i still feel its cruel even in the ball :( . if i get one ill fill all the holes in in my bedroom and let it run around So it wont get lost :D LooOoL
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    I love them to they are great company i just feel its too cruel to keep them at home coz if u see them when they get out the cage they go crazy running around its like its thier nature to be out. ya haha i will! if i get one definitly get him a wife to keep him company :D :salam2:
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    I wanna get a hamster but i was thinking is it haram to have them not because they are dirty but coz i will be inprisioning it in a cage !! and not letting it be free ,my friend has a hamster and it always bites and goes nuts at the cage coz it wants to get out i think its cruel and you know...
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    :wasalam: thank u :D
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    'Burqa ban' in France: housewife vows to face jail rather than submit

    al7mdulilah god protect her god willing he will make it easyier for her.
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    Your way to Islam !!!!!share your story

    :salam2: i studyied it as a GCSE at school our exam was on hajj and the similarities between christianity and islam . and al7mdulilah soon after i said shahada just before i finished school. :D
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    Islam full of benefit and wisdom

    al7mdulilah Its shows us that islam realy is from god coz of its wisdom and knowledge of humans and the rules god has given us to help us.
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    Salam alykom if somebody is recovering from Anorexia Nervosa do u think they should be fasting in ramadhan? for example if they start fasting they may get back into the habit of fasting to to thin etc. And if somebody has clinical anxiety is it the devils doing or thier own? coz thier is a...
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    Satanic verses

    just what it is basically and anything u can find sis jazak allah khier *!*!*!*!*!*!x
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    Satanic verses

    ohh was it?ya ive heard about his book authubillah i dont know i just came across it ive read many things some even quoted hadith saying it was to do with that.
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    Satanic verses

    As-salam alaykom i came over a topic while searching on the internet about the satanic verses i cant get a straight answer on it and i want to know what are they talking about!!!??? and what verses if you could quote them for me are they from bukhari or al quran? jazak allah khier.