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    asalamu alaikum, can u translate it for me plz if it...

    asalamu alaikum, can u translate it for me plz if it is possibl for you?
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    benefit of the day magazine

    asalam u alaikum jazakillah khair
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    Muslim Names Game

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    I have been struggling

    asalam u alaikum, it IS a gr8 news. congrates to you both. may you live a happy life here in this world and the world hereafter. ameen
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    Ibn Taymiyyah’s Attitude Upon Entering Prison

    subhan Allah, subhan Allah.....what a great people they were! thanx for sharing
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    Why your name?

    ASALAM U ALAIKUM i use this name because i want to become a MISBAH(lamp) of HAYA
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    equal reward for girls and boys:):):)

    asalam u alaikum, sister the ayahs you have given above are about those worker boys who died in this world at very small age and will take their parents in jannah with them. these boys will never get old and all what is mentioned by Allah suhana hu wa taala. now coming to...
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    asalam u alaikum thanks for sharing.very nice poem.
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    Israel Loses Its Temper

    asalam u alaikum, sorry for my ignorance but wud you please tell me what steps turkish gov has taken?
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    wake up muslims
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    the bermuda triangle

    i have recently read a book about bermuda written in book either dajjal or iblees palace is there.there is another place near japan called as dragon's triangle which also has some relation with bermuda triangle. But ofcourse its upon us that we agree with writer or not...
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    what's happening in Pakistan?!?

    inshAllah everything will be settled once we redefine our enemies...and this will happen.
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    When was the last time you.......

    asalam u alaikum, i cried two days before in the fear of Allah remembering my sins. wasalam
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    How many languages do you speak ?

    asalam u alaikum, i can speak urdu,english and punjabi(little).......when i was in arab country i used to understand arabic but now im forgetting it....
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    +2 and -2

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    +2 and -2

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    +2 and -2

    y??? ok 38
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    +2 and -2

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    +2 and -2

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    +2 and -2