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  1. al-muslimah

    Where in London, Ontario can I find ladies fitness centers?

    @elqouds2020 Ameen and Thank you! :) @Precious Star Thanks for that. Actually when I googled fitness centers I came across that name but when I entered their website I wasn't really sure if it's only for women. It didn't look like tho. Btw have you been to that place? It's not roled...
  2. al-muslimah

    I need your help for my next video

    Salam Bro..I love your idea about these videos. You have MUCH to talk abotu women in islam. For example, Islam protects women and gave her rights not like any other religion. You can talk about specific character in a prophet or sahabi/ sahabiya that reflects his/ her kindness and mercy and how...
  3. al-muslimah

    Where in London, Ontario can I find ladies fitness centers?

    Dear TTI members, Hope everyone is fine here,:SMILY209: I'll be moving from Doha, Qatar to London, Ontario soon inshAllah and I'm keen to have an overlook of how it's going to be there. :SMILY61: I've googled couple of fitness centers for women in London but I'm not sure if it's 100%...
  4. al-muslimah

    Tips - Waking up for Fajr

    One more thing: Drink a lot of W-A-T-E-R! Believe me this is the best way. It works!:D
  5. al-muslimah

    Muslims Are the Only Happy People?

    :salam2: It has been a while since I logged on here. I miss the place a lot as I also miss the discussions that are held here. :) Anyway, today I attended a lecture talking about happiness and Islam. The lecture is summarized as follows. Islam brings happiness to ones life and whoever is not...
  6. al-muslimah

    What happened to TTI?

    :salam2: Amin. :wasalam:
  7. al-muslimah

    Why are Arabs like this?

    Easy on Arab bro/sis. Please do not generalise. I'm an Arab from Syria and never hated people from Pakistan.
  8. al-muslimah


    Salaam! If any of you finds a product made in Egypt, PM me. Seriously like I never saw one. Nonetheless, sister Appa, I liked your idea about calling the embassy. May Allah help all our suffering brothers and sisters. Amen! Walsalm
  9. al-muslimah

    Quran in Greek

    :salam2: Any idea of good Quran translation in Greek? Thank you in advance.:shake: :wasalam:
  10. al-muslimah

    Women embrace Islam more than men?

    Thank you sister khayliegh. Fly to spain if ur so in the topic. You can registrate for the conference online. The conference will be starting on the 21st. There is still some time. For further info, you can check the official website Jazak Allahu khayra...
  11. al-muslimah

    Women embrace Islam more than men?

    Yeah true there are many differant types of feminism. Alhamdulilah I'm done with the paper. InshAllah I'll be going to the conference which will be talking about the same topic in Spain. I can't wait!
  12. al-muslimah

    Women embrace Islam more than men?

    Jazakum Allahu khayran.
  13. al-muslimah

    Women embrace Islam more than men?

    :salam2: I'm doing a paper on Feminism in Islam. I'm writing that feminism is practiced now and then as Islam gave rights for muslim women. I want to show some statistics about the raise of women that enter Islam or other statistics show that there are more women embracing Islam than men...
  14. al-muslimah

    Directions to Giving Naseehah

    Just what I wanted..Jazaki Allahu Khayran.
  15. al-muslimah

    A Little Note for Today

    Like it very much. Thank you for sharing sister Appa. :)
  16. al-muslimah

    why did you fast in Ramadan?

    I learn to be patient.
  17. al-muslimah

    No Burqa Ban in Britian

    MashAllah! happyy... SubhanAllah..and this is a christian country..what can we say about syria and egypt? sad..
  18. al-muslimah

    Syria bans face veils at universities

    Syria?! That was a shock!