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  1. khadija-khayr

    Devotion of the Reciter

    Assalamalykum. Yeah,its true. So many people recite the Qur'an without having great passion and sincerity but as soon as a person recites it with a true heart and sinceriy,SubhanAllah,its a magnificient feeling:). By the way,great article(thumbs up)
  2. khadija-khayr

    He who has ALLAH has EVERYTHING

    He who has ALLAH has EVERYTHING
  3. khadija-khayr

    Funny Muslims running away from muslims

    MaashaAllah..... Jazakallahukhayr :) its beautiful!
  4. khadija-khayr

    Yummy! Healthy foods

    Assalamalykum. Pls I'll lyk 2 knw if ders any tips 4 me 2 get rid of pimples. Der jst too much on my face. Jazakallahu khayr