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    what is your nick name?

    abu hurairah, but i neither have a cat nor children:SMILY129:
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    Talib al habib nasheeds needed!!!!

    assalaamualaikum, this is the only one i have, but you can get them off youtube and convert them using inshaAllaah
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    HELP in changing username....

    wa alaikumassalaam, gotta contact admin for that, Mabsoot
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    Im new

    Hey Naserin, Look around, post, enquire about things, make yourself known and get to know other people and openyour heart to Islaam and Muslims, although it looks to be open already:)
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    10 years!

    Hey man:) Ive ALWAYS wanted an irish accent! It is sooo cool(as Allaah willed it):) I guess you dont have one. What has that got to do with anything?:confused: Anyways, have you ever read the Qur'an in its explanatory English version? If not I think that is one of the first things you...
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    mAN turning into a Tree!!!!!

    I'll join you
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    The Prohibited and Permissible Forms of Taqlid

    Assalaamualaikum, Akhi, Jazakallaah for the post. We should not be satisfied with being laymen, instead we should all be seekers of knowledge as it is FARDH on every Muslim to seek knowledge and not just rulings for something or another.
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    In the bus/tram/train.

    wa alaikumassalaam, I live in London. I dont get to run for the seat on the train cos its already taken. I get to run to STAND, squashed between a fat bloke and the glass behind me....and worse of all, im not too tall... so i come up to peoples armpits. Yep, May Allaah improve the London...
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    21 beautiful one liners

    Assalaamualaikum, MashaAllaah, spot on.:) At least you got it right, i had to have that explained to me when i heard it :redface:
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    non-muslims are they also considered to be slaves of allah?

    I thought this might be relevant The meaning of enslavement in Islam Question: Can you please clarify the subject of Slaves in Islam. In The Koran, there are many mentions of this term in particular the instance where man is the slave to his Master Allah, which I fully understand and...
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    Muslim dying on a friday

    The way to a good end Question: Are there any signs that indicate that a person’s life ended well?. Answer: Praise be to Allaah. Firstly: a good end… A good end means when a person was guided before his death to keep away from that which angers the Lord and to repent from sin, and to...
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    HiLarIous but appropriate Joke...!!!!!!

    loooool, THANKS goldensis! hahahahahaaaa
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    Islam, Warfare and Jihad.

    Assalaamualaikum Libin, where did you get this article from? Who wrote this?
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    Now this is really funny !!!

    Wa alaikumassalaam, hmm....ironic....but why did that happen? I.T. BODS!! where are you guys?
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    HELP!!! (URGENT!!)

    Assalaamualaikum, The thing is sister, a LOT of people, both Muslims with weak imaan and non-muslims view this site, and im sure you'll agree that they dont need to have anything to pull them to anti-islaam sites, so why would you want to provide them with fitna? No-one is questioning YOUR...
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    how many islamic scholars do u know

    wa alaikumassalaam, Muhammed Ibn Abdul Wahaab
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    huh!! Is it worth it...

    wa alaikumassalaam, Yeh Saif, that Mr.Ahmed is no good! i totally get your point.:D nah, Jazakallaah for the reminder. And i'll take your word for it on the maths...:SMILY129:
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    Eid in the Square held in Trafalgar Square............

    wa alaikumassalaam, what do you mean 'love to talk'?!! In the name of Allaah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful. And All praise be to Allaah, and peace and blessing be upon the Messenger of Allah, Muhammed ibn Abdullaah, the seal of the Prophets. Things wrong with 'Eid in the square'...
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    Eid in the Square held in Trafalgar Square............

    Assalaamualaikum, Hope you guys had a nice time in that freemixing environment! Mayor of London done us over good! Anyone want to know why it was haraam? :( :SMILY23:
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    Salah al-Tasbih

    Wa alaikumassalaam. There is something wrong with this hadeeth, cant say what right now, but i hope someone does! The hadeeth is baseless i think.