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    A crime amongst others
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    Final Destination

    appologies unfortunatly i had to remove the lecture as one borther complained about the nasheed in the background over shodowing the speaker....ishallah i will repost it soon. jazakummullah for attemting to watch anyways.
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    Final Destination

    the Vedio has been Removed* and inshallah will be reposted soon.
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    Gitmo Off-Shore?

    US accused of holding terror suspects on prison ships The United States is operating "floating prisons" to house those arrested in its war on terror, according to human rights lawyers, who claim there has been an attempt to conceal the numbers and whereabouts of detainees. Details of...
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    Video Why Latinos Convert to Islam

    Why? dont know if its just me, dispite having an english title i still dont know why they convert to islam:)? but other then that Allah guides whome he wills and misguides whome he wills. thanks for the vid.
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    My brush with Islamic justice was swift and fair

    My brush with Islamic justice was swift and fair Martin Fletcher As one who has been hauled in front of a Sharia court I would like to risk having my hand — or head — chopped off a second time by suggesting that the Archbishop of Canterbury just might have a point. My brush with Islamic...
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    Surah Tawbah - Verses 111-116 - Imam Faisal e0Gr-bqUrRo
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    UN report: Somali guerillas helped Hizb'Allah

    Hhmmm? if the Somalis were already trained why would they need training by hizbullah... see how dumb they are they dont even know how to cover their lies.
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    Inside the Ka'ba

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    Ethiopia receives Somali ultimatum EXCLUSIVE

    PSsA3pCy3mQ Somali opposition leaders have formed a new political alliance, warning Ethiopian troops to "leave now or never" at the conclusion of a conference in the capital of Eritrea. The group, which includes the Islamic Courts' Union, is called The Alliance for the Liberation of...
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    Islamic Courts 'preparing to fight'

    dB2mnoXLoec A senior leader in Somalia's Islamic Courts Union (ICU) and one of the United States' most wanted men appears to be running a military training camp on the Kenyan-Somali border. Hassan Turki has evaded capture by Somalia's transitional government since the Islamic Courts...
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    MUST SEE!!

    AMMAZING!! A Passage from Surah AL-Anfal that overwhelms ones heart and overflows ones eyes with tears. vD0UFc8iEhk&mode=related&search= 70-jyjAOhH4&mode=related&search=
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    SOMALI WITH.....

    Sister as a Somali brother this race issue is not really a problem they (parents) might object but they will get used to it and treat you as there own. somalis families can be very traditional sometimes... some families only except cousins some only marry from the same tribe and some are more...
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    i dont know what success you are talking about but if you mean having peace then may allah grant you northerners more peace and stability. But brother dont fall in to the trap of the kufar who seek to devide us while they are uniting- terminating their borders with each other (Europe)... this...
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    did you know Mali is an actual country in west africa. funny :)
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    Somali Here<<<<< wow i never knew their were that many somalis in tti. somalis in china (hehehe) thats wat happens wen you dont have a peaceful home:(
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    UIC and the somali govenrment

    thats because the UIC rep is much more educated, he was recently a professor at the university of washington and was also part of the administration there. all the UIC men are educated while most of the government dont even have secondary education...(honestly).... they highest level most of...
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    Cool & Easy-going Muslims?

    why is your list so limited??? what about other muslims. ie, pakistanis, afgans,somalis, brits, bangalis ect? from my experience i have met malaysians and i found them very easy going and "friendly"<emphasis. and i have met an american convert i found him to be very kool "well he laughed at...
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    hahah... i know what you mean bro... i was laughing at her face all the way...the arogance was amazing.
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    Unveiling women in Somalia

    assalaamu alaykum, i dont know why fardowsa is so defencive of this criminal government who sort the help of KAAFIRS to fight againts the LAW OF ALLAH. i dont know who you mean when you say "bunch of liers dressed up like shieks " but if you mean our sheikhs such as sheikh aweys and shariif...