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  1. Asha88

    How Hollywood villifies Arabs Assalam alaikom wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakatuh, I found an extremely good video made by an American Professor about how Hollywood villifies Arabs & Islam and thought I'd share with everyone. He dissects each movie that potrays...
  2. Asha88

    My house might be haunted :(

    :salam2: brother, JazakAllah khair for all the tips in getting rid of this jinn in my house. You are right, the solution is easier than I think it is. We will try to do all these in our house. We have been playing quran recitations in the house so far.. so hopefully all these will cease soon...
  3. Asha88

    My house might be haunted :(

    :salam2: Brother, I am actually worried of that too - using jinns for help which is shirk. He probably doesn't use any of those sort I'm not sure... JazakAllah khair for the tip! I know that in Malaysia there are so many horror stories going on there? Maybe from what I've been hearing from...
  4. Asha88

    My house might be haunted :(

    Waalaykum salaam wrb Brother, I am not sure what lobaan is..Can you explain to me? JazakAllah khair
  5. Asha88

    My house might be haunted :(

    :salam2: akhi, Lol, you really made me laugh. Yes, I saw 'The Grudge' but it wasn't a small boy crawling up. It was size of a man if I remember correctly. The thought of throwing my shoe at ju'on from Grudge would be funny.. imagine throwing him off balance? Lol.. I shouldn't joke about this...
  6. Asha88

    Post your Jinn stories here.

    Assalam Alaykum wrb, I remember this incident vividly because it happened a few months ago when I was in the musollah waiting for maghrib prayers. The women's section is on the second floor and we can peer over to see if any brothers are there so I knew I was all alone in the musollah. I...
  7. Asha88

    My house might be haunted :(

    :salam2: everyone, Wow it feels good to be back on TTI again :) Hope everyone is in the best of health and imaan insyaAllah! I have a problem with regards to my house and I hope to get some opinions about my situation insyaAllah. I am currently staying with two other sisters in a...
  8. Asha88

    Salat fun game

    Salaam everyone, You got that right brother Ahmed_indian :) 1) On his Night journey, Prophet Muhammad was iven a white-winged animal. What was the name of the animal? 2) What is the first step in prayer? 3) Read out the sentence of the iqama that differs from the adhan.
  9. Asha88

    Quran Challenge

    Salaam everyone, 1. Can you recite the very first verse revealed to the Prophet Muhammad SAW? 2. Who was the first child who converted to Islam? 3. Which mosque is referred to by the name the 'farthest mosque'?
  10. Asha88

    Quran Challenge

    Salaam everyone, JazakAllah khair for all the questions posted up :) So so sorrry for not keeping up with this thread! 1. Name the person mentioned in the Quran whom Allah caused to die for 100 years and then raised him again? Ans: Ans: Uzayr (Surah al-Baqarah, 2:259) 2. What did...
  11. Asha88

    no education for women??

    Salaam everyone, Has anyone read this book titled 'hijaab' and is green in colour? The author is so extreme in his intepretations that I had to stop reading at one point. He said that women should never leave the house even if she wanted to seek religious ilm (because she would be considered...
  12. Asha88

    Most rediculous sufi "Zikrs"

    Salaam, I wonder what other ridiculous innovations they can come up with after breakdancing while doing dhikr. Perhaps ballroom dancing next?
  13. Asha88

    Lets share Appropriate jokes

    LOL!! That was funny!
  14. Asha88

    My niece was Killed in a car Bomb

    Inna lillahi wa innanilahi rajioon.. Sis, I am sorry to hear about this :( Please stay strong! May Allah place your niece in Jannah!
  15. Asha88

    Let's Do This...

    MasyaAllah ukhti, I really do think that this is something special.. your life changing before your very eyes is something that won't happen to you everyday. Alhamdulillah, I am really glad that things turned out well for you! MasyaAllah ,you must have been patient throughout 7 years! How did...
  16. Asha88

    Wonderful story....Strong woman, must read..

    MasyaAllah! Truly inspiring story..!!
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    So cute masyaAllah! Looks like a mini cow (because of the black and white patches) lol so cute!
  18. Asha88

    Quran Challenge

    Salaam everyone, JazakAllah khair ukhti Asma for putting up a few questions! MasyaAllah, I learnt something :) Sorry for neglecting this page for awhile but insyaAllah I'll post more questions later!! :D
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    MasyaAllah! Good post brother!
  20. Asha88

    cake decoration

    Salaam Sisters, MasyaAllah, so creative! I think I'll end up destroying the cake if I try to decorate it. Lol..