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  1. Renee

    Funny The New World Order

    The radio broadcast was an adaption of HG Wells novel War of the worlds and adapted by actor and director Orson Welles, mostly famous for his movie Citizen Kane.
  2. Renee

    Funny The New World Order

    Don't forget the 33rd degree mason Albert Pike. He wrote an interesting letter in 1871 about 3 world wars to bring in the new world order. "The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a...
  3. Renee

    About changing name

    I haven't found any that really appeal to me yet, so I might keep my name after all.
  4. Renee

    About changing name

    I knew my name means reborn which is kinda ironic because this is the second time I get reborn. Thanks for the list anyway. I noticed the name Shakira was on it and it reminded me of once reading that one of the famous singers parents is muslim although I don't remember if it's the father or...
  5. Renee

    About changing name

    Salaam I have started to think about changing my first name to a muslim name but I don't know what name to choose. Is there any sites with names I could check out?
  6. Renee

    Wanting to revert and need help!

    Salaam sister. I reverted just a few days ago and I hope you will also come to the light insh'allah. You can take the shahada on your own if you want. You will find peace in your heart once you do. I did at least.
  7. Renee

    I just reverted 7 minutes ago

    Mashallah and congratulations to you brother Kevin! I reverted myself lesser than two days ago. Allah (swt) has lead you to the true path just as he did we me alhamdulillah!! I hope you will enjoy your stay here.
  8. Renee

    I have just taken my shahada now

    I'm very glad and touched by your support and I am going to try my best to not let you down. I have strayed from my path many times in my life but I'm glad that I finally found my way back home to my creator Allah (swt). I am truly happy now alhamdulillah! Please pray for me to not stray away...
  9. Renee

    I have just taken my shahada now

    Maybe there is even time to join the hijabi club before ramadan is over? :tti_sister:
  10. Renee

    I have just taken my shahada now

    Salaam aleykum brothers and sisters I'm grateful for the help of sister Revert2007 alhamdulillah but I'm actually a muslimah now!! Can you believe it?
  11. Renee

    I have made my final decision now

    I didn't mean you but rather the forum-talibans. I don't have children but if I had I would never have neglected them in order to think about myself and my selfishness whether it had meant listening to music or something entirely different. When it comes to the muslims on the forum it is true...
  12. Renee

    I have made my final decision now

    Strange how similar minds think alike. I don't believe in eternal damnation either, like many christians and muslims seem to do. Yes, I think they go to a negative place until they learn their lesson(s) or are so sick of it that they pray to God to save them. But not for forever. A God that so...
  13. Renee

    Music and islam

    I used to be interested in islam not long ago but it is things like this that has made my mind up not to convert. Maybe I will ponder it the day when pigs can fly or hell freezes over. But do not misunderstand me. I appreciate what I have gone through the last few months. Now I appreciate my...
  14. Renee

    I have made my final decision now

    I popped in since this thread spawned a few PM's that winded up in my email and decided to check in here. At least do me a favour and save me the devil and hell stuff. I don't believe in that anyway so that is the least thing I'm worrying about. You have too many rules and I'm too lazy to follow...
  15. Renee

    I have made my final decision now

    Last weekend I couldn't handle the enormous pressure and nagging about converting so I decided to go off-line and taking a time-out as they say in sports. I haven't thought much islam during these days at all, except for one of the friends I have made here. Last time we talked I assured her of...
  16. Renee

    music and television in islam

    Conclusion is that television and music should be banned worldwide I assume? Don't forget to ban computers and internet while you're at it. There is music, pictures and animations there as well.
  17. Renee


    Cat Stevens stopped making music for 30 years because he thought it was haram. 30 years later he learned that there where other interpretations and started to make music again although he now praises the creator instead in his music but he still is using instrumentation. And what about Michael...
  18. Renee

    A simple game

    There is no ants in pants.
  19. Renee


    I have never in my life viewed music as idol worship. I only enjoy it as everything else beautiful in life. My life doesn't circle around it or I don't listen to it all day. But neither can I view it as evil. Perhaps some music is immoral but not all are. On the contrary, most isn't. The way I...
  20. Renee

    Defend The Hijab!!!Freedom Of Expression!!!

    I haven't said the magic words yet but I hope I will have the strength and courage to wear hijab as soon as possible after that.