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  1. Ayanle

    Ramadan and Diabetes

    Asalaamu Alaykum does anyone have any information of Ramadan and Diabetes? If it's in other languages apart from English as well that would be great. Any help would be much appreciated JazakhAllah Khairan
  2. Ayanle

    Hair Dye

    Any help people?
  3. Ayanle

    Hair Dye

    jazakallah khairan for all the response people, really appreciate it thats what i want, i don't want my beard to be bright orange but to deepen and redden my beard in a dark crimson/red colour. i was just asking if it turned out 'dodgy' could i dye my beard back to its natural colour or atleast...
  4. Ayanle

    Hair Dye

    you never know akhi, just wondering if it'd be ok to dye it back
  5. Ayanle

    Hair Dye

    AssalaamuAlaikum a quick question which, inshAllah you can help me with. if i were to dye my hair, beard with henna to a dark/deep red colour but it turned out wrong or in a manner unwanted, would i be able to dye it back to my natural blackish/brown colour? Jazaaka'Allahu khayr
  6. Ayanle

    Sam Harris

    Assalamu Alaikum akhi sam harris is one of the neo athiest and known as one of the four horsemen of athiesm along with richard dawkins, christopher hitchens and some other fool he HATES islam with a passion and talks about us all the time in a derogatory manner he is a kafir and an utter...
  7. Ayanle

    saudi women at Olympics

    calling yourself a muslim doesn't make you a better person of course but acting muslim does the only guidance worth anything is guidance from god if you believe in him as without god man has no purpose. "life is like being thrown into slavery" some clever guy once said so why do you choose to...
  8. Ayanle

    saudi women at Olympics

    i take it you are an athiest?
  9. Ayanle

    saudi women at Olympics

    what is so strange about the clothing? i agree that it would be wonderful celebrate the bodies that god has given you provided you do not transgress the limits ordained, simple really anyway, you don't mind me asking what your viewpoint on life is? whether you are religious or not
  10. Ayanle

    saudi women at Olympics

    came late to this thread, what is your question? who created god?
  11. Ayanle

    saudi women at Olympics

    is this for real? why?
  12. Ayanle

    why will Allah torture disbelievers for an eternity if he is merciful?

    because allah does what he wants and they deserve it
  13. Ayanle

    Prophet Companions TV Series Stirs Debate

    what kind of depictions will they be showing? just to get a clearer view of whats happening
  14. Ayanle

    What's wrong with me?!

    with regards to the torah being correct look in the thread about the torah on this page, that should insha allah answer your question but what is the issue really, do you have doubts about god or about the islam being true amongst other religions?
  15. Ayanle

    How do we know that the Torah is corrupt?

    the christian bible consists of the old testament and the new testament. the old testament is the Jewish Torah. there are many contradictions and inconstancies in the torah. i.e it says that Solomon(pbuh) worshipped idols and it also says that the people should obey and follow the prophets and...
  16. Ayanle

    question about hell

    what is the view on those who go to jahannam? we know disbelievers will abide therin forever but what about believers who do wrong? is the common view that they stay in forever or that after a period of punishment, they are permitted to paradise just want to be sure insha allah
  17. Ayanle

    Question about Shiia

    what do they mean by the quran was created? i don't understand
  18. Ayanle

    Question about Shiia

    speaking about sects does anyone knoe anything about ibadiyya islam which is prevalent in oman? any help would be appreciated insha allah
  19. Ayanle

    what do you know about ibadiyya islam?

    and can someone give me some information on it please jazakallah khair
  20. Ayanle

    I am afraid. First Hijab

    im confused, are you one of the muslims or not?