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    Mind Blowing Facts

    Salaam! What a cool post! :)
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    A Little Light Hearted Fun

    haha! thanks for sharing this :)
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    The Key to True Love - An Islamic Perspective

    I find this wise :)
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    We'll see in the future
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    that's what im saying we have to go back to the future. we must learn how to grow our own food, ride horses, rear animals etc. fortunately we still have a few decades to make the transition. in any case those who dont make the transition will be left behind in the chaos. The physical limits...
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    Assalam Walaikum, No I did not. I was thinking technology, increasing efficiency and the human mind. It's true that the world has finite resources, it's true that the population is growing so their is less resources/energy per person, and it's true that exponential growth cannot go on...
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    Assalam walaikum, Very grim yet valid and logical scenario you are painting arzafar... what do you expect people to do?
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    Three Things

    Salaam, Thanks for sharing this :SMILY259:
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    Just intuition. Recalling things I learned on how solar panels are made and how it works... also its life span.. I think that the resource cost and energy in making solar powered transportation is > than it's potential benefits. I wouldn't invest on solar panels. There are also obviously the...
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    Salaam, Very interesting! But I think that won't be the trend in the future...
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    Funny poem by husband and wife!

    lol! those are good poems :D
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    Know it all

    In relation to high density and temperature.... Did you know that stars "twinkle" because of the Earth's atmosphere? Our turbulent atmosphere churns the light from the star and refracts it in different directions :)
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    Know it all

    That's indeed interesting. How about this. Did you know that if you condense all the matter that make up all of the people living today, it would be the size of a sugar cube? Most people don't realize that we are mostly composed of empty space... Think! atoms- nucleus, protons, electrons
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    too ugly for marriage

    I second the motion.
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    ''For the Sinner

    My Lord, certainly, I am a weak slave Who has come before You seeking that which You have to give. I come before You complaining of the affliction of my sins, For can one complain of grief to anyone but You? Gift me with Your Pardon, my Benevolent Master For my reliance is on none but...
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    First time on TurnToIslam

    Assalam Walikum! I know you will benefit from this site :)
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    TTI Cook Off

    Assalam Walikum Oh Lol! So that's why it tasted different! Yesterday, my friend brought garbanzo beans, olive oil and pitted olives. She wanted to make hummus and she heard, that you only need to mash the garbanzos and add olive oil. And so that's basically what we did! We mashed the...
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    TTI Cook Off

    Don't know... maybe, Persian? Indian? It's very aromatic
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    TTI Cook Off

    Kofta Balls My friends and I tried to recreate that which we ate in a bistro the day I got my first traffic violation :D Their Kofta ball has cheese inside and is swamped with tomato sauce. They serve it with pita bread. Mmm-mm! Ingredients: FOR THE KOFTA BALL *garlic clove...
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    lol! ...what is the difference between a burqa and a hijab? I went to Australia relatively recently.. and I have seen many hijabi's, one niqabi, and their airport has a prayer room...every 2 blocks I see at least one Muslim (I only know because they are wearing hijab) ..seems like a pretty...