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    Sharing my nasheedh collection

    Qa3q3'at by Sameer Al Bashiri Salaam Alaiykum, Ameen to your kind du'as. Jazakamullah khairan to all brothers and sisters, for I am in much need of them. Qa3q3'at By Sameer Al Bashiri, and here is the translation with high quality Mp3 below from Original CD. If anyone wants I can upload...
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    French nasheeds?

    Another French translated Nasheed _oLslZsBzFE
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    Allaah Has Named us Muslims, So Why Ascribe Ourselves to the Salaf?

    As Salaam Alaiykum, I have checked and checked and finally got to ask students of knowledge about what you speak and no one agreed with you on The quote you made as coming from Our Prophet peace and blessings be upon him. So bring the proof of this Salem. Otherwise people will be misled due to...
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    Can't seem to upload files

    As Salaam Alaiykum to the moderator brothers and sisters, I can't seem to upload any files now. Is it me or others are having the same problem too? May Allah reward your work ameen.
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    Respecting our Differences

    Salaam Alaiykum, Mashaallah a much needed thread!! Especially to some who think everyone else is wrong and even the 4 madhabs are wrong and insist on calling themselves salafi rather than muslim just because a human being no greater than the imaams said so.
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    French nasheeds?

    Salaam Alaiykum Brother, Long time ago I posted a french nasheed in French section. Hope you like it inshaallah. Jeune frere musulman
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    loosing my religion

    Salaam Alaiykum, Insha'allah will make du'a for you sister in Islam. May Allah grant you much sabr and grant you forgiveness for all your grief ameen.
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    maula ya salli wa sallim

    Salaam Alaiykum, There is no shirk in the said nasheed brothers and sisters. You seem to be getting two words mixed. MawlaNA is the word we should not use except when referring to Allah (swt). i.e. Allahu Mawlana means Allah is our only protector. May Allah bless us during ramadhan ameen
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    maula ya salli wa sallim

    Salaam Alaiykum, Brother you can find it CLICK HERE on page 1
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    Islam & Animals

    Excellent Thread AsSalaam Alaiykum Excellent thread sister alf. Just want to add some more info on animals... Kindness to animals is part of PIETY for sure. "Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may pace be upon him) as saying: A prostitute (From among the Jews) saw a dog moving around...
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    Want to Know How much Khalid bi Waleed Loved Prophet (saw)????

    Salaam Alaiykum, Ever wondered how much love the companions had for Rasoolallah?? Can we ever live upto it?? :subhanallah: A0fdH34Mrq8 "I fought in so many battles seeking martyrdom that there is no place in my body but have a stabbing scar by a spear, a sword or a dagger, and yet here I am...
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    Salaam Alaiykum, MashaAllah! Back with a PHD... and Yes I remember you brother. fe amaanullah
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    Sharing my nasheedh collection

    Zayed al-Wafa by Ahmad Bukhatir As Salaam Alaiykum, Also upon request Zayed al-Wafa by Ahmed Abu Khater. KcTZcuUYL8Y Translation: [chorus]May your day for the nation be of sincerity! May your love for earth be lasting! You are like a pen that expresses us You built glory like strong...
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    Sharing my nasheedh collection

    Ahmed Abu Khater Al Hejab. As Salaamu Alaiykum, May Allah bless us and forgive us all ameen. May Allah bless and protect our sisters in Islam ameen. This nasheed is uploaded on request. Its by Ahmed Abu Khater (a.k.a. Ahmad Bukhatir) 06-MGbC4XNw
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    A bit amusing...

    Salaam Alaiykum, LOL! :) Maybe you should invite more brothers for salat and Then you will find a wall instead of a fence. Hehe .. Too funny.. May Allah bless you brother Danyal ameen
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    Glad to have found this website!

    Wa Alaiykum salaam Welcome to the site. May all of us continue to benefit and May Allah keep us steadfast ameen
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    Wa alaiakum salaam Welcome back sister. fe amaanullah
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    Saudi paedophile to be beheaded

    So what do you suggest we do about this peadophile and child killer?? Are you a muslim?? Cause if you are then are you against the laws of Allah?? You think American laws are superior to shariah??? If so then I recommend you make taubah. May Allah guide us all ameen
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    nasheed request

    :salam2: I have posted it here for you brother. Just click. :wasalam: