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  1. AmeliaJohnson

    Going to Umrah

    :ma: i wish i could go there too....:tti_sister:
  2. AmeliaJohnson

    Is it just me....:O

    :salam2: I hope all sisters and brothers are in the best of heath.... I dont really come here on TTI anymore much but come as soon as i get some free time... and when i came on here today i dont know it just doesnt feel like the TTI it used to be:( it was such a friendly place and felt like...
  3. AmeliaJohnson

    What is MillatFacebook ? - Its the Muslim Version OF Facebook

    Alhamdulilah :) I just registered there too :)
  4. AmeliaJohnson

    I missed my TTI family. I love you all =)

    :salam2: I hope everyone is in the best of eman and health inshalah. I havnt been here for so long =( Sorry about that but i got so busy suddenly hehe with all school and the new muslim life. Alhamdulilah life is going awesome. All thanks to my Allah. My father is really the best lol i think...
  5. AmeliaJohnson

    Ibrahim and Sheikh Nabeel

    wow..... this post made me cry.... I cant thank Allah enough for all He has given to me. Subhanalah. Thanks for sharing brother.:)
  6. AmeliaJohnson

    The Excuse Game!

    Sorry but i only have 2000$ not 1000$! Lol. Do my homework! :D
  7. AmeliaJohnson

    Muslim Names Game

    I dont know much muslim names but here's one which is my friends name Naziah.
  8. AmeliaJohnson

    The Excuse Game!

    Sorry but i twisted my ankle! Lol. Read Quran? (Lolz how can you find an excuse for that ;) )
  9. AmeliaJohnson

    Going away for sumtime='(

    We'll miss you sister. Inshallah you will pass with good grades:) :wasalam:
  10. AmeliaJohnson

    He's stalking me! :(

    :salam2: I know its been like a long time and no see but school school school ....has been keeping me busy and also my muslims friends:D. I hope that everyone was and is fine. I have a BIG problem (you must be wondering this sister only posts thread about her problems umm sorry about that if u...
  11. AmeliaJohnson

    +2 and -2

    46 :)...................
  12. AmeliaJohnson

    Eid ul azha.....what??

    :salam2: Um well as you know anoher eid coming soon. Well on this eid muslims sacrifice animals (halal camel goat etc). I know it till this point, am i to slit throat of an animal too?? Um it may sound lame or funy sorry but i really dont know. If not then what are female...
  13. AmeliaJohnson

    +2 and -2

    This one for again Sis De facto lolz...i really liked this pic so posted it here.
  14. AmeliaJohnson

    +2 and -2

    Aw ur so sweet sister!:D here's a bunch of lilac roses from me :D
  15. AmeliaJohnson

    +2 and -2

    0!!!!! sisters won alhamdulilah! Yay* :D
  16. AmeliaJohnson

    +2 and -2

    yayyyy* lolz.... 4
  17. AmeliaJohnson

    Dad's not ...?

    Yup i did turn to relible source@ tti lolz. To clear my doubt and im glad i DID ask or i would have been feeling so confused! So much to learn.......
  18. AmeliaJohnson

    Dad's not ...?

    thanks sis :D great comeback u gave me anyways to sy to her :) lolz.
  19. AmeliaJohnson

    Dad's not ...?

    Oh THANK YOU SIS!!!:D:D:D Jazakallah cleared my doubts! You gave a great example of our beloved Prophet(peace be upon him). Mashallah what would i do with out my tti family :D.... @brother azam ..i a revert and when a muslim tells me i just believe it(my bad):shymuslima1: Point is im not...
  20. AmeliaJohnson

    +2 and -2

    8! oh dont me sad here smile like this>:D lol