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    Before saying *I DO*!!!

    this thread is on its time . thank you so much dear sister for sharing . i pray that all of sisters find the pious husbands ameen
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    alhamdulillah sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy :)
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    Do you read ?

    jazaka Allahu khyran for the link . sounds amazing and mashAllah i can see that 100% read i am so happy for turning to reading and discovering this amazing hobby :)
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    Happy news alhamdulillah

    :salam2: jazakom Allahu khyran kathiran i feel so happy and comfortable may be some of you know that i was about to marry last month but it didnt work out alhamdulillah i didnt feel comfortable with him i didnt see in him the future husband but this time is different and inshAllah next week...
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    Happy news alhamdulillah

    jazaki Allahu khyran dear sister :)
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    what to do when facing problem

    :salam2: so true jazaki Allahu khyran for sharing
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    Happy news alhamdulillah

    :salam2: frist of all i hope you are all feeling good and i want to share this good news with you my marriage contract will be written next week inshAllah and i ask you for dua . actually i only see him two times and alhamdulillah he is a very pious man and because he is a follower of...
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    Do you read ?

    :salam2: this is just amazing thing that i wasnt noticing its absolutely one of the most beautiful things that i wasnt aware of . i wasnt actually a big fan of reading but i discovered that i wasted many many years of my life without doing this most beautiful thing which is...
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    Working as an airhostess ?!

    :salam2: a friend just called me and she told me that she is going to go through a test to be able to work as an airhostess and she has been conviencing me to go with her and go throught this test for along time and she said i can be accepted but i told her that what i know is that you have...
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    important note, please give attention

    thats a very good point jazaki Allahu lhyran dear sister . its always great to read your beneficial posts
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    why i am back ?

    :salam2: thank you brother for yor kind words . and i am not saying that its haram but its kinda waste of time like this one LOL which by the way i asked the mod to delete . but my point is that i want to be more serious about my threads i am trying and i am fighting with myself for many...
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    why i am back ?

    first of all jazakom Allah khyran kathiran no offence at all sister you are totally right but at my last thread before leaving i said that i dont forget those who hurted me and i was totally wrong so i tried to say in this one that i have no grudge towards anyone alhamdulillah not anymore ...
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    why i am back ?

    :salam2: i dont know if you are interested in reading this but i will write it anyway i satyed a month after i decided to leave and it was agood month actually alhamdulillah it gave me the opportunity to think about all th forums i am in not just this one because i left them all and...
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    thats the point

    :salam2: mashAllah very nice post jazakom Allahu khyran kathiran sisters for sharing . may Allah forgive us all
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    This is Mohammad PBUH

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    jazaki Allahu khyran dear sister thats why i love this site and cant leave because of its kind members and inshAllah this site will always be there becuase you are all in it :)
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    :salam2: my mood is good alhamdulillah thanks for recreating it dear sister it better than mine wallahi especially ite spelling LOL :D
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    Advice: to all who want to leave TTI

    :salam2: you are totally right . this thread made me rethink about my role and my decision . it has been a month since i decided to leave but when i read this thread i kept thinking about what should i do . i guess i underestimamted my role and that i can do more than that my role can be...
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    back to write this (we werent meant to be for eachother , but he was right)

    :salam2: yes we didnt get married but he was right because he asked me not to visit any website because of the problems i might face and he was trying to protect me but its destiny . and i came back but i am not being me since i came back i feel distracted i feel like i am decieving myself i...
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    Let's Do This...

    :salam2: alhamdulillah my dua is answered many times but not all the time because this might be bad for me and Allah knows best . mashAllah my mom dua is answered i feel many good things happened to me because of my mom dua may Allah bless her and protect her for me ameen . lately i...