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    Salam 3alikum

    Salam 3alikum mi ricordo di te. Ora sto su Facebook e faccio vuoi mi trovi là ...cerca umm Karim
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    Refreshing Salam 3alikum

    Wa alikum Salam . .In remember you has passed so much time from the last time ..I have still found my poems written in 2013 and back..mashallah , now I am active on Google plus and I have created a community about nasheed and quran If you like,you can be part of it and share your links...
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    I woke up after a long sleep. Alhamdulillah

    I woke up after a long sleep. Alhamdulillah
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    Join here. This is my community, you are welcome there.
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    Salam 3alikum

    Salam 3alikum a tutti..Non so se mi riconoscete..sono un po di anni che non vengo qua. .ora sono attiva su google+ e instagram..chi vuole unirsi alla mia community sui nasheed e il corano, è benvenuto
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    Refreshing Salam 3alikum

    Brothers and sisters,I don't know how long I haven't been you remember me?Hayat! ?I remember I am 32 years old and have 6 beautiful children mashallah! !I am active on Google+ and strive for peace and debate with non muslims..May Allah guide me and I hope you will join to my...
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    A far island

    There is a place where You can feel in peace... Only you can be there when you wish, A far island called Heart, Is the best way to be safe from what you fear,from every tear You drop when you're sad.
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    Arn't sunnis transgressing?

    Salam alikum,I think that some élites are creating the NWO to make people obedient and fearing.the death of many people will help those criminale to leader the world.bit they don't know how strong is che faith of muslims.
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    Who cause that?

    Probably the End is close
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    Who cause that?

    Salam alikum to everybody.Ive seen many pictures about that.I can say that I m lucky.I don't have that life.but who knows what's better?Allah knows it best even if there is suffrance
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    Don't forget that the sun has just the time to bright the sky from one side of the globe, while the other one is still Sleeping.
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    Allahu Akbar! a new muslim is coming

    I thank you all for your messages.I appreciate your sincerity.even if i have no much time to stay here i can not forget you and all what you did for me when I was in need.may Allah bless you all
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    Allahu Akbar! a new muslim is coming

    Salam alikum my dears.i hope you are in good health and imaan..i've been thinking ro the padt moments on tti and it is so long i don't write...I continue loving a good evil touched me sometimes tried to cause a crash to my family but he still loses.I want to share with the ones...
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    I Wish to do more.thank you for appreciating my poems
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    You've always been a guide for me, You were close to me and I couldn't see. I was alone and You gave me a companion. You tested me with sad moments and now I'm happy. You tested me with poorness and now I'm rich. You tested me with Shaytan and I've chosen You. There's just one thing You're...
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    Buongiorno, mi presento

    benvenuto al forum,spero,come posso di esserti utile,sia con l'arabo,che con le domande irrisolte.
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    Question: SUN

    salam 'alikum,maybe it is a way to a hadith I read that a man asked to the prophet SAWS where the Sun goes when the night comes and he answered"it asks to Allah the permission to rise the next day",while we know that the Earth runs around the Sun and not vice-versa.the Throne of Allah...
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    life is love,I'm really in love,like the first day

    life is love,I'm really in love,like the first day
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    Can the "dèjà-vu"be a sign from the Almighty?

    Salam 'alikum to everybody..I was(and I still am)busy all the time and I'm stealing a little bit of that to know what's up here.Even if I'm a young lady,mother and so on,I had a series of experiences which changed my life.In the latest 10 days it happened what maybe gave me the final reason to...