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  1. amira87

    i have been RAPED!! now what?

    salam alaikum first off being a virgin doesnt define who you really are as a person. I dont understand why being a virgin makes you better than a person who isnt a virgin. Saying this, there are virgin women out there who never pray,fast,give zakat,.....basically pactice
  2. amira87

    I was told no hijab at my work Walmart

    salam thats can sue them for that!
  3. amira87

    I'm New Here

    salam alaikum may allah keep you going, inshallah, allah has a plan for all of his slaves....subhanalla
  4. amira87

    Dedicated to the Muslim detainees everywhere

    subhanallah! Now I am getting teary eyed.......thx:shymuslima1:
  5. amira87

    **weird interesting facts **

    salam alaikum subhanallah............. Is all of this really true?
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    salam sister
  7. amira87

    On your way to the masjid for fajr prayer

    Assalamu alaikum everyone.......... In the name of Allah the beneficent the most mercifu Don't be disappointed! A man woke up early in order to pray the Fajr prayer in the masjid. He got dressed, made his ablution and was on his way to the masjid. On his way to the masjid, the man fell...
  8. amira87

    those who are married or in process...

    salam I'm having problems as well.....I have lived a rollercoaster lifestyle with a bunch of confusion and mis haps. Inshallah, it will be easy one day for those who have trouble.....or have something preventying them from falling in love in the first place. What's love got to do with it...
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    Salam alaikum sister I am from usa, origionallly from Minnesota.
  10. amira87

    Is this how a muslim husband and father should act ?PLSPLS read

    exactly what i am talking about man
  11. amira87

    Is this how a muslim husband and father should act ?PLSPLS read

    here we goo again....more catagorizing..........I guess all arabs have issues huh? why is it arab, arab, tell me
  12. amira87

    Is this how a muslim husband and father should act ?PLSPLS read

    may allah guide him inshallah he has certainly failed allah's test and he will be questioned for it on the day of judgment if he continues to commit zeena and almost adultury....especially because he is married. this makes me sad to hear that he is doing this because of your mothers outer...
  13. amira87

    Whenever you ....... Remember Prophet Mohammed (SWT)

    Salam alaikum sister you are sooo right sis....we are all here to be heard and spread the message, and you sure did.....ya allah kareem....mashallah
  14. amira87

    MAS Video from Austin Texas

    ok here is the link to the video: *removed* .........because it has music? are you serious......what about nasheeds? Why is it that soooo many people get more into learning about islam when there is fun involved...islam isn't a boring is full of light and brings warmth to the...
  15. amira87

    MAS Video from Austin Texas

    I am moving to Austin soon with my older sister and I saw that they have a muslim american society. I am soo excited to move there with my sister....inshallah. Okay I just wanted to post this video that I saw on the muslim american society website. Is anyone here living in Austin Texas...
  16. amira87

    A Modern Culture of Insults

    jazak allah khair we all sometimes say things before thinking:shymuslima1: I am guilty, but I always feel bad and I am trying to work on it....inshalah I will make some changes in my speech.....thx for the reminder brother
  17. amira87

    Whenever you ....... Remember Prophet Mohammed (SWT)

    mashallah....... :SMILY252:
  18. amira87

    More sisters than brothers?

    represent my sisterzzzz you know we out number the men in this world.......there is more of us than the brothers out there......why do you think men are allowed to have more than one wife...even though I couldn't do that......I am a jealous person.
  19. amira87

    Marriage: Would you marry you?

    salam are you the one who did the proposal to the not so pretty muslimah? I was just wondering thats all, because if its true..........if you don't think it will work out because of that....its normal to think that have a right to be with someone you're attracted to, but if you...