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    It's a very long time that I visited TTI!

    Assalaamu Alaikum warahmathullaahi wabarakaathuhu Dear Brothers and Sisters - in - Islaam, Reasons beyond my explanation I could not visit the forum for more than two years! It's a very long time indeed. Alhamdulillaah, I did not forget forever. Please pray for me. May Allaah bless you...
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    Allahu Akbar!..Unbelievable Donations in Dubai

    :wasalam: Allaahu Akbar Allaahu Akbar Allaahu Akbar
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    Leave for a while

    Assalaamu alaikum warahmathullaah Dear Brothers and Sisters I have a problem with my system. Until I fix it Inshaa Allaah I may not be seen in the forum. Imposed leave for a while! Include me too in your Dua'a. May Allaah, the Almighty, bless you all. Wassalaam NB: I don't know...
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    all muslim guys please answer me

    :wasalam: Regarding the brothers who do not perform their duty are answerable as they are being paid by either the Government or the Company where they work. It is like a trader weighing the crops when buying with one balance (Meezaan) and weighing same when selling with another balance which...
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    Answers by our prophet.

    :wasalam: Allaahu Akbar! You see everything is there either in the Qur'an or in the Ahadeeth. There is no need to look for any other sources. The Guidance Allaah promised is completed. Jazaa akumullaahu khair dear sister. Wassalaam
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    assalamulikum to this BIG family

    Wa alaikumussalaam warahmathullaahi wabarakaathuhu Welcome to TTI family. Enjoy your stay sharing your knowledge. May Allaah bless you and your loved ones. Wassalaam
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    Researching changing my name

    :wasalam: Alhamdulillaah! There will be an impact among your circle - your family, friends, neighborers and colleagues - if you change your name which clearly shows that you are a Muslim, eg: Abdullaah, Muhammed, Haroon, Yahya, Omar, Yousuf, Abdurrahman, Abdurraheem, Abdul Basheer, Abdul...
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    Salam Alikum

    :wasalam: Welcome to the TTI family. May Alllaah bless you and reward you for your intention which is good. Once you brows the forum you will find threads where you can post your thoughts. Wassalaam
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    Salam to all,I am Asja

    :wasalam: I too join in welcoming you to the TTI family. May Allaah bless you and your loved ones. Wassalaam
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    I am a new member in this family

    Assalaamu Alaikum warahmathullaah Dear chamaak, welcome to TTI family. Why don't you open a new thread introducing yourself? Wassalaam
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    I am a new member in this family

    :wasalam: Welcome to the TTI family. Inshaa Allaah you will enjoy staying here as this is a family of tolarence and patience. There are learned brothers and sisters who could answer any question and guide on right path with Allaah's help. May Allaah bless you and your loved ones. Wassalaam
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    Obama hopes to reboot US image among Muslims

    Wa alaikumussalaam warahmathullaah Thank you Aisha1114 for the information. It is true we should practice looking into topics like this positively without jumping into conclusions of our own. We shall wait and see. As Barack Obama is the Preseident-elect of the USA he will be in-charge of...
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    Allah time world time 2(Al Hajj 47)

    :wasalam: Jazaa akumullaahu khairan! Brother ahmad al magtani, I appreciate your effort. There is no hurdle for anyone to think about Qur'an and the revelations in. There are some they do not allow others to think or opine contrary to the predecessors. For an example, read the verse 189...
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    :wasalam: We are asked to obey Allaah and follow His Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu alaihi wasallam. If anyone follows Abu Lahab he/she is in big trouble. Celebration of Birthday simply is Sunnah of Abu Lahab. May Allaah protect all of us following that cursed man. Wassalaam
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    :wasalam: Aameen! Wassalaam
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    Wa alaikumussalaam warahmathullaahi wabarakaathuhu dear brothers and sisters. May Allaah bless you and your family and your loved ones on this day of sacrifice. May Allaah forgive the past sins of the Ummaah wherever they live and protect all of them doing same sins again and bless all...
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    Eid Mubarak

    Wa alikumussalaam warahamathullaahi wabarakaathuhu May Allaah bless you and all the Ummaah on this day of sacrifice and forgive the sins of past and protect from doing the sins in the future. May Allaah accept our good deeds and give us in the Akhira the JannathulFirdous. Wassalaam
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    Eid Mubarak!

    Assalaamu Alaikum warahmathullaahi wabarakaathuhu May Allaah bless and forgive all the Ummah on this day of sacrifice. wassalaam
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    Israeli Web site advises using wisdom of Quran

    :wasalam: Very good information. Jazaa akumullaahu khairan. May Allaah bless you on this day of sacrifice - Eid AlAdhhaa. Wasslaam
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    May Allaah forgive all Mu'mineen

    :salam2: Allaahu Akbar! Allaahu Akbar! Allaahu Akbar! Laa Ilaaha Illallaahu wallaahu akbar! Allaahu Akbar WalillaahilHamd! On this day of sacrifice we should take a pledge again not to commit sins. And I pray to Allaah, the Almighty, to forgive all our past sins and protect committing the sins...