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    His area of expertise may be comparative religion and he maybe suitable for non-muslims to listen to. Even Ahamed Deedat was considered more a bible scholar than an islamic scholar. Regarding his reliability and authenticity, his knowledge is weak and his views are not 100% on the mark and i...
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    I Want to Visit the Islamic Community Center...

    hello there :) you don't have to wear the hijab. clothes wise, it best to wear something loose fit that does not show the shape of the body, so tight or fitting jeans or t shirts won't do nor any tops with a low cut. otherwise just dress conservative and you will be fine. It will be best to...
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    Assalamu Alaykom

    wa'alaikum as'salaam sister, welcome to the forum and ramadan mubarak! it's hard being on your own without muslim family or community support. Inshallah stay strong and have sabr, and you also have us here as well :)
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    Witr prayer accepted or not

    The imam at our masjid said that there is only one witr in the night, you can either prayer it with isha or you can prayer with thajjud. If you prayed it with isha then you don't pray it again with thajjud, just pray your thajjud and that's all. There's a hadith as well of two sahabas, i think...
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    Ramadan Campaign for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui - Week of Action

    Ramadan Campaign for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui - Week of Action Monday July 15th through Thursday July 18th! During the last week of May, 2013, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, a Muslim political prisoner, was physically assaulted in her prison cell and left unconscious and bleeding. She eventually received...
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    Why A Coup in Egypt by Military? (Video)
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    Pregnant Muslim woman attacked in Paris loses baby

    self-defense is obligatory these days...
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    Pregnant Muslim woman attacked in Paris loses baby

    This is sad. So was the news of the pregnant hijabi that was stabbed 19 times to death in the court in front of her 2yr old by the kuffar that had assaulted her and the police in turn shot the husband for tying to save her. Then there were hijabis that were beaten, hijab taken off and their hair...
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    News US Calls N. Korea to Release American from Prison.

    The so called american "tourists" often turn out to be CIA undercover, can't really trust the news or what american media/politics says.
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    Serious Turkey protests: PM Erdogan issues 'final warning!

    Ten Tweets on the Hypocrisy of the Turkey Protests
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    muslim from indonesia

    wa'alaikuma s'salaam wr wb welcome to the forum sister, who in indonesia are you from? :)
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    Salam from Indonesia

    wa'alaikum as'salam, welcome to the forum sister, how is life in jarkata? :)
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    Is your Facebook profile acceptable by Allah?

    Hard copy of pictures are haram, digital only format is not haram. And FB is more than just share islamic info only. Yes, people waste time on there and need to get a life but at the same time, many people connect to their friends and family they normally wouldn't have time to keep in touch...
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    Salaam alaikum

    wa'alaikum as'salaam, welcome sister :) may Allah ease your pain at loss of your husband and bless him in jannah,ameen.
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    Serious I have been noticing something lately

    Indonesia bans sending maids to Kuwait over abuse by Elsa Baxter - 15 October 2009 Indonesia has indefinitely suspended the traffic of domestic helpers to Kuwait due to concern over widespread abuse and exploitation by their employers, the labour ministry said Thursday. About 500 women with...
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    Serious I have been noticing something lately

    Wa'alaikum as'salaam, It is very real and a great concern. non-saudi natives are abused, tortured, raped and even murdered while the society and legal system lets it go on, not punishing their own kind. This isn't a middle east problem as much as a gulf problem.
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    TurnToIslam Islam and slavery: Why does Islam allow sex with female slaves

    Today we have what is called modern day slavery. The western corporations engage in this heavily by going to developing countries such as mexica, india, south america, china, etc to find cheap and child labor. Although it is easy to point at the developing countries and say they are the ones...
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    TurnToIslam TurnToIslam March Updates

    could something done about all this advertising when looking at the forum without signing in? It is such a deterrence in trying to read the messages.