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    Question: Repaying my cousin

    As Salamu Alaykum, I would I appreciate some help in regards to this issue I'm having. Me and my cousin have been the best of friends for two years and I had done a lot for him/been there as a friend for him as the family don't like him or me being around him due to his attitude and behavior...
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    Muslim man would like to marry non-muslim

    Alhamdulilah The response I was waiting for sister queenislam. She understands that Christmas and the religion is not allowed in Islam and it is purely to pay respects to her family as she can not simply not acknowledge the background she is from and the tradition she has had for many years...
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    Muslim man would like to marry non-muslim

    Me and her met with not your typical boyfriend-girlfriend situation and she understands as my grandfather explained to her that we cannot commit anything haram while around each other. I have also been thinking about an agreement between her family and mine to agree on us marrying. I am not...
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    Muslim man would like to marry non-muslim

    Asalaamu alaikum brothers and sisters, I am young muslim man and have been thinking of this for a while. I haven't been able to speak to a sheikh as I am unsure of what to do. I have been with my non-muslim girlfriend for a while and have discussed with her the idea. She is from a Christian...
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    Nasheed for Uncle from Gaza

    Thank you very much brothers - my uncle is very appreciative and he thanks the people who helped.
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    This site has comprehensive research on all products that donate their profits to the disgraceful jewish people
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    News Reporter Cries whilst Talking About Gaza Palestine

    I would like to please ask what is the name of the sheike that is reciting the ayat in the video.
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    Jewish Rabbi Tells the Truth About Gaza

    This rabbi has been very active lately - but i think his concern is to defend judaism and the real jews so that they don't end up having a bad name like the muslims - terrorists.
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    Nasheed for Uncle from Gaza

    Asalamu Alaikum, I am looking for a nasheed called Qaademunya al-quds - not sure if it is spelled like that but he would love it if i got it for him. Inshaalah someone will help me with my request.
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    Arabic course-Quran language-The Madinah Books Series

    As salamu alaykum brothers and sisters. As I was born in Australia my Arabic didn't turn out the best, I am 16 years old and can understand Arabic but cannot read & write. I have found this thread to be very useful as I believe it will further improve my Arabic skills and thank ditta as well...
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    As-salaamu'alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu

    As-salaamu'alaykum forum members my name is Mohammed. I was born and raised as a Palestinian Muslim in Australia. My main reason for joining the forums is because of the new attacks on Gaza. I have found this site to be very informative and useful for people who are seeking information on topics...