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  1. Manaal_e_Afghan

    How Strange...

    Salam O Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Ma sha Allah its so Beautiful My eyes filled with tears when at last i read "Oh Slave of Allah! who destroys you but you?" JazakAllahu Khair May Allah swt reward you and Have blessed Ramadhan In sha Allah
  2. Manaal_e_Afghan

    Why your name?

    Salam O alaikum warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu wow Ma sha Allah nice to know your user name history lol Mine is "Manaal e Afghan" Means "Achievement of an Afghan" and the achievement is yet to be achieved Lol In sha Allah Thank you
  3. Manaal_e_Afghan

    Of all the worst times in the world to be sick...

    Salam O alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu May Allah swt Reward you brother and May He swt give you good health and Perfect Iman,in sha Allah Allah swt looks at our hearts and our intentions May Allah swt reward you for your good wish,Ameen
  4. Manaal_e_Afghan

    Arabic poem translation

    Salam o Alaikum wr wb Ma sha Allah very nice sharing JazakAllahu Khair and keep sharing
  5. Manaal_e_Afghan

    Ummul Shaheed

    Salam O Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu wow Ma sha Allah its so Beautiful written by words dipped in pure and beautiful emotions i must say all your writings i've been through till today all are Ma sha Allah truly beautiful n meaning ful JazakAllahu Khair Akhi May all your good...
  6. Manaal_e_Afghan

    Barsisa, The Worshipper

    Salam O alaikum wr wb Ma sha Allah this is a Great reminder for us i've heard this many times and thats why i put it on my msn blog JazakAllahu Khair for sharing it with us.
  7. Manaal_e_Afghan

    Ramadan Mubarak

    Wa alaikum as Salam wr wb Ramadan Mubarak To You too Sister (Yesterday i copied a Ramadan greeting dua from some other sister and then a very good Teacher told me not to be copy cat ,and i should use my mind to think and do something creative or to write a beautiful dua on my own ) Lolz...
  8. Manaal_e_Afghan

    Dream of a Sahaba

    Wa alaikum as salam wr wb Ma sha Allah Beautiful sharing yaa its first time for me too ,to Hear this Hadith JazakAllahu khair
  9. Manaal_e_Afghan

    Ramadan Mubarak & Good bye!

    Wa alaikum as Salam wr wb akhi Ramadan Mubarak To you too May Allah swt help you and bless you JazakAllahu Khair
  10. Manaal_e_Afghan

    Happy and Blessed Ramadan

    Salam O alaikum wrwb Happy Ramadan To You all May Allah swt shower His Countless blessings upon all the Muslimeen,Ameen jazakAllahu khairan
  11. Manaal_e_Afghan

    A sister from Pakistan

    Wa alaikum as Salam wr wb Sister Welcome to the forum In sha Allah have great time here JazakiAllahu Khair
  12. Manaal_e_Afghan

    Starting Medical school tomorrow Need duas :$

    wa alaikum as Salam Wr Wb May Allah swt make it all easy for you Ameen all the best In sha Allah
  13. Manaal_e_Afghan

    Urgent Dawah slogans needed please!!!

    Wa alaikum as salam wr wb Ma sha Allah for all the effort I Read it somewhere ,i dont know whether you'ld like it or not "what have you done in prepartion for the most important meeting in your life?..Meeting with your Lord" "Its never too late to make a Place in Paradise" JazakAllahu Khairan
  14. Manaal_e_Afghan


    Salam O alaikum wr wb Ma sha Allah JazakAllahu Khairan Alhamdulilah Thank You Allah swt for everything.
  15. Manaal_e_Afghan

    shake hands with a man

    Wa alaikum as salam wr wb In sha Allah all the very Best for your Exam May Allah swt make it all easy for you yaa I liked the above idea you should talk to the teacher otherwise if its just one day story in future you're not gonna shake hands with him so before the handshake section comes put...
  16. Manaal_e_Afghan

    24th of APRIL :) Marriageeeeee

    Wa alaikum as Salam Wr wb Ma sha Allah Congratulations Sister May Allah swt fill your life with happiness Ameen Great news In sha Allah Allah swt will make all easy for You My Super Best wishes are For you ...
  17. Manaal_e_Afghan

    *** YOU CAME TO ME***

    Salam O alaikum wr wb Ma sha Allah its so Beatifully written Sister jazakAllahu Khair.
  18. Manaal_e_Afghan

    Khattab my Son

    Ma sha Allah May Allah swt bless you Ameen you know Its so amazing when i read your poem and i thought after a very long time I've read something which Really Means Something and i was more amazed when You said You're not married its a peom for your Future son ,khattab will be his Name In sha...
  19. Manaal_e_Afghan


    Wa alaikum as Salam wr wb Ma sha Allah its so Beautiful with such innocent feelings May Allah swt bless You In this life and in the hereafter Ameen
  20. Manaal_e_Afghan

    salam. i am back

    Wa alaikum as Salam wr wb Welcome Back To TTI In sha Allah i wish You have great Time