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    +2 and -2

    66........... :)
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    Constantly Negative News?! LOL Kool thread! Thanks.
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    21 beautiful one liners

    Good thread. Jazak Allah khair for sharing, brother. :) My fav:
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    Brother, AZAM_SIDDIQUI, you got some real meaningful points there. Were helpful for me; so thought of saying thanks to you, and Jazak Allah khair.
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    Salaam everyone from the UK!

    Welcome to TTI fellow Brit Muslim. Am sure you'll enjoy your time here, Insha'Allah.
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    Do not give your own fatwaa

    Asslam'u Alikum, Jazak Allah for such a useful reminder.
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    To the moderators

    I am for this too. It'd be better, Insha'Allah, having more mods.
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    A Muslim Girl’s Guide For Dealing With Guys

    That will be quite beneficial to some people, including me, sister. So, yeah, why not?! Insha'Allah.
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    Developing Love for Allaah

    Masha'Allah, very beneficial and motivational post. Jazak Allah khayran for posting it. Could someone please help me understand this part. What is this word 'hawaa' and so what does this Dua refer to?
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    Marriage: working-wife or non-working wife?

    A working wife, with very flexible hours - to make sure that she is able to give maximum time to her husband and the family. I would like to offer her the Option not having to do a job, as Islam has suggested. But it's her choice in the end, of course.
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    your sister from saudi Arabia

    Have you seen the reply I posted you on another thread?
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    Hinsul Muslim (AUDIO book)

    Jazak Allah bro.
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    your sister from saudi Arabia

    No problem, sister. Jazak Allah, sister. May Allah bless you too. Is your making new threads problem solved yet or not?
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    Interesting websites

    Asslam'u Alikum, Oh, that's TRUE. Jazak Allah for bringing our attention to this fact! May Allah reward you. The first one is great though. Alhamdulillah.
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    Interesting websites

    Jazak Allah for being kind, sister.
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    Wa'alikum Salaam brother, I find siwak more refreshing and healthier, as in dental health and as well as spiritual health, than toothbrush. Like me, you might even find that siwak helps in acquiring khushu' (concentration and humbleness) in your Salaah! Insha'Allah. As for that smell you are...
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    Joining the Website - New Members Information

    Wa'alikum Salaam sister, I don't see any reason why won't you be able to create new threads now. You, Masha'Allah, have introduced yourself to us all and made the new thread - so what seems to be the problem now? Go to any section and press click on the left hand top where it says 'NEW...
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    I am new

    Peace be unto you too, sister. Welcome to this benefitial Forum. Insha'Allah, you are going to enjoy your time here.
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    Raped and killed 14 yr old, but no death penalty

    May be killing millions of Muslims and occupying their lands isn't any violent act! Strange enough.
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    Interesting websites

    Asslam'u Alikum, Yep, it's what I was after. Jazak Allah.