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    TurnToIslam Valentine Celebration is Forbiden in Islam| Must Read

    Valentine Celebration is Forbiden in Islam Please read the attached pamphlet and share in you circles. jazak Allah
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    Interesting Get Daily Inspiration on Facebook | @1motivationdaily

    Need motivation in Life? Your Daily Inspirationis a newly launched Facebook page that posts positive quotes & images, daily!. They want to spread the positive vibes in the world. you can also visit this page and contribute in sharing #Positivism You can Search This Page on FB...
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    Quran Quran Bangla A Wonderful Quran Android App

    Quran Bangla is a newly designed complete Quran Android App made for Muslims of Bangladesh. It presents The Holy Quran with Translation in several languages along with transliteration and audio MP3 recitation feature by world famous Reciter Enjoy Recitation of The Holy Quran on your smartphone...
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    Quran Quran in Hindi हिन्दी कुरान App with Useful options

    Quran Hindi हिन्दी कुरानis a useful Android Application that is designed for Muslims of Indian and all Hindi Speaking Muslims. This App provides complete Quran in user friendly options. Apps main features includes Translation in Hindi, transliteration in English and MP3 Audio recitation in...
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    TurnToIslam Best & Fundamental Characteristics Of A Life

    Here are Some Important & fundamental characteristics of a life Taken from Surah Al Asr
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    New Al Quran Bahasa Indonesia MP3 android Application

    Al Quran bhasa Indonesia MP3 is a newly Introduced android Application for Muslims. It provides reading, translation and transliteration Qur`an. users can learn Quran with Tajweed as it gives transliteration and audio recitation options. It has a beautiful and uncomplicated interface and...
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    ~Another super wonderful Mobile screensaver/wallpaper.

    Nice Collection
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    News Special guide for Muharram ul Haram - E BOOk

    Read the special PDF Book "Muharram kaysay guzarain" online or Download from here
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    Question: Green tea or just tea

    i have a question about "Green tea or just tea" please comment your experience and advise.which one should we prefer?
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    Question: What if your pet passed in front of jaa e nimaz?

    Passing of any person or animal in front of a person offering nimaz will break his/her Nimaz or not?
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    6 Kalma of Islam – A Mobile Application to Enhance Your Faith

    Great app for kids and for every Muslim thansk :)
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    Athaan and Recitation as a ringtone? ALSO refer here
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    Athaan and Recitation as a ringtone?

    Among the requirements of holding the actual Quran, the place and the body needs to be purified (though there's some disagreement on touching the mushaf without wudhu) . For recitation , you just need to ensure that the place is clean (recitation not allowed in toilets etc) even if u havent made...
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    Athaan and Recitation as a ringtone?

    cant promise but i will ask from a Scholarly person then tell you, If found
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    Athaan and Recitation as a ringtone?

    Yes it is not good to set ringtone like Recitation & Adan... very good ,a reminder thread for all of us
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    MaShaAllah! Beautiful Islam Words/quotes.

    Realy nice posting thanks
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    Interesting Pakistan weather live fore cast – Free android application

    Pakistan weather is a newly introduce android app, keeps you updated with live temperature and climate conditions. Enjoy cool backgrounds, search and stay updated with live weather report in different cities of Pakistan. Download Pakistan Weather Live Forecast Cool Interface: It has a fine...
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    TurnToIslam Quran Therapy – Free Dose of spiritual healing from Quran

    Quran Therapy is a mind blowing Religious application for you. It focuses your diseases and provides you cure from Holy verses of Quran. The app is brilliantly made for your easiness with easy navigation tabs and cool graphics & Interface. The main app menu includes diseases, symptoms, dhikar ...
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    Beautiful Islamic wallpapers.