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  1. warda A

    Is this the only reason we exist?

    Asalam aleikum as someone has already said, what we do in this world we carry to the after life in terms of thawab, we do good deeds it increases our weight on the scale, we do bad it does the same. so when you aspire to be what you have and use your knowledge in doing good it will help you...
  2. warda A

    zain bhikha's *my mom is amazing*: emotional video

    asalam aleikum nice video nice message
  3. warda A

    here is how u can make simple homemade sandwich bread

    asalam aleikum jazakaAllahu kheiran it looks simple and easy to make mashaAlla
  4. warda A

    Muslim family removed from the plane

    Asalam aleikum people are always afraid of things they do not know about.
  5. warda A

    personality test

    wa aleikum salam dear sister :hearts: tis been a long time since i logged on here mashaAllah & jazakaAllahu kheiran for your reply inshaAllah i will be active again I hope you & kids are having a good time
  6. warda A

    personality test

    asalam aleikum Your Type is ESFJ Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging Strength of the preferences % 44 38 75 1 whatever that means maybe a not good at judging people
  7. warda A

    Not another terrorist attack again

    :salam2: i agree with your points :wasalam:
  8. warda A

    baby birth!!

    asalam aleikum MashaAllah on the birth of your daughter, inshaAllah ahe will be of great courage & strong eeman may she be a joy to you & family as the other children too. you have been very blessed to have children. and ameen to all adiyyas
  9. warda A

    A Former Jehovah's Witness

    asalam aleikum MashaAllah & jazakaAllahu kheiran for sharing your inspiring story.
  10. warda A

    Rude Muslim Hating Maintenance Men???!!!!!

    :salam2: When confounded with ignorant people, all we have to do is try explaining to them what they are ignorant about in a very good manner as the prophet(sallallahu aleihi wassalam) suggested. your anger will only feed theirs and as such you lose an opportunity to educate someone about...
  11. warda A

    A new influenza!! Goat flu

    asalam aleikum that was in the news people have died in Australia, i thought it was sheep flu actually it is also called Q-fever may Allah Help us ya rab
  12. warda A


    asalam aleikum That indeed is a great quote, make you think!
  13. warda A

    Malak The Young Girl.

    asalam aleikum when parents fail to teach and show by example their children islam, this is the kind of scenario you get. it is quite shocking that the father doesnt know what goes on in his house and where was the mother all this time? that is weird,2 months? alhamdullilah she found...
  14. warda A

    Life is like Baking a Cake.

    mashaAllah, putting it that way makes quite a lot of sense jazakaAllahu kheiran
  15. warda A

    How many languages do you speak ?

    :salam2: i also remember there was a post regarding this topic. me: English, Arabic, Swahili, alittle french that i have almost forgotten and i agree KSA that the pronounciation is so different from the spelling, some native african language that i have almost forgotten. i would love to...
  16. warda A

    My First day with Niqab

    :ma::ma: it is good that you are not swayed by those neigbors however annoying they are, am very happy that you are following your instincts, let them waste their time, you do not have to follow what they say. If they do not do hijab what right have they got to talk about eeman & niqab...
  17. warda A

    Learn Many Languages Under One Roof-Free-

    :salam2: :ma::ma: jazakaAllahu kherian :hearts:
  18. warda A

    Tempted to leave Islam

    asalam aleikum the posts by the brothers & sisters are great and am sure your eeman has gone up a notch. when our eeman is weak the first thing we see difficult is salat. what most people do not understand is salat is like a cleansing bath, keeps you calm and reminds you of your Lord and...