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    what can i tell her?

    asalam walykum jazakum allah kahiran i will tell her what u told me and inshallah it will help her plz keep her in all ur duaas wasalam walykum
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    what can i tell her?

    jazakum allahh kahirann going to the masjid we do go alot she goes to a islamic school, and follows what she is supposed to at home and school she really is a good girl alhamdullah...she is also memorizing the quran she knws alot of ajza but ever since she started to have these feelings its...
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    what can i tell her?

    walykum al salam no she's not she's a born muslimah has been practicing islam all her life and mashallah she's really good i dont know why these thoughts came to her mind she knows and sees it all and mashallah shes really good but i dont know its weird
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    what can i tell her?

    Asalam Walykum warahmtu allahi wabaraktu i have a friend thats going through a really tough time mashallah she's a good muslimah that follows what allah and prophet mohamed have told as to do and what not to do...but she keeps thinking what if on the day of gudgment she will stand infront of...
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    plz make duaa

    Asalam walykum warahmtu allahi wabaraktu to all my brothers and sisters in TTI plzzzz make duaa for my beloved relative she has not been feeling well plz keep her in all ur duaas wallahii she deserves the best...i am soo scared plz dont forget to keep her in all ur duaaz jazakum allah...
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    Microwaving Water!

    A 26-year old man decided to have a cup of coffee. He took a cup of water and put it in the microwave to heat it up (something that he had done numerous times before). I am not sure how long he set the timer for, but he wanted to bring the water to a boil. When the timer shut the oven off, he...
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    A Cry from A Chat Victim - good lesson for us all

    astagifarallah` salam alikum sis, you should not fear the scandals of this dunya for allah will reveal evrything u did in the after life... everybody commits sins and i did my share of them but allah is always willing to forgive his worshippers. there was a man that killed...
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    asalam walykum welcome to TTI inshallah u will benefit alot from this site alhamdullah u have been guided to the straight path and inshallah u will always be wasalam walykum
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    Hi welcome to TTI inshallah u'll benefit alot from this site peace
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    The Purpose of Our lives - a poem

    walykumm al salaam warahtmu allahi wabaraktu thtt was soo beautifullll jazaki allah alf kahirann walllah that was beneficall wasalam walykum warahtmu allah
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    plzz READD AND let me know

    salaam i dont know how to reach the moderator i cant send any private pms because its full but if any of u can reach them or send them a pm messege cann u plzz ask them and see if everything is ok with her? jazakum allah kahiran wasalam walykum
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    plzz READD AND let me know

    asalam walykum sister heegaan whats a mod
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    plzz READD AND let me know

    plzz let me know asalam walykum brothers and sisters plzz has anyone heard anythinggg from sister Amirah80 she has not been on TTI for a whileee and she hasnt been going onlinee i hope everything is okk i loveee u sister Amirah :tti_sister::tti_sister:inshallah everything is ok plzz if...
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    So when was the last time you....

    asalam walykumm i loveee my momm we can have our ups and downs but straight up i love givinggg her HUGSSS Andd KISSESS lolll she does get annoyed sometimes wallah ur posts r madddddd funnny my mom is sleeping tooo loll jazaki allah kahiran sister for sharing this peace
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    Remember Just Remember

    asalam walykum jazak allah kahiran for sharing may allah bless u at all times wasalam walykum
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    i dont feel pretty in a hijab

    asalam walykum dont let any1 the shytain or any other person move u away from ur religion from ur true deen...alhamdullah u got back to wearing it keep it up and inshallah allah will always be there for u. please allah before any1 may he bless u with the guy u dream of inshallah wasalam...
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    please make dua...

    :tti_sister:walykum al salam may she feel better inshallah she will be mentioned in our duaas inshallaah wasalam walykum :tti_sister:
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    Assalam aleykum to all

    walykum al salam welcome to tti inshallah u will always love it here know that if u ever need anything ur brothers and sisters are always here for u may allah sub7anah wat3la bless u at all times peace
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    is it haraam to donate an organ

    asalam walykum jazaki allah kahiran sister that was veryy helpful thank u wasalam