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    :salam2: Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raajioon. Indeed it is to Allah we belong and to Him is our final return. :wasalam: Miss Semolina
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    smart praying carpet

    Assalaamu alaykum I understand why it was invented, but for me the drawing in the middle and the glow would be rather distracting waAllahu Aalim. Miss Semolina
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    i cannot believe this

    Assalaamu alaykum I am in no way agreeing with what this woman has said, it is unacceptable, but she has just lost her stepson, she spoke to the press without a clear head, they of course will jump at the chance to make her quote enormous. Anyway, from the quote she presented, it could be...
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    MY SISSES&BROS HELP ME I'M SERIOUS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ASAP!!!!!!!

    Assalaamu alaykum It takes time to change Stefana. Realise something, most of us here on this forum have spent most of our lives without Islam in our hearts. We have lived, thought and spoke in a way very different to how were are living today alhamdulillah. But it took alot of changing, and...
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    i cannot believe this

    Asssalaamu alaykum Of course what she is suggesting is absolutely crazy!! Remember though, this is her suggestion, to my knowledge they won't be doing this inshaAllah. These youths who resort to such violence need to be helped and encouraged to improve themselves. Actually, we all know...
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    Assalaamu alaykum I would like to stop you right there, for this is tale carrying, or slander, either one is not good. We were not present, and Allah knows best what exactly happened. Perhaps this brother has asked Allah for forgiveness. So who are we to bring this subject up, and just...
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    Assalaamu alaykum Allahu Aalim, there are different opinions on this matter. I have a doubt concerning it, so to be safe, I don't take photographs of living beings. Miss Semolina
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    Can a woman work outside the house?

    Assalaamu alaykum Stefana, a muslim woman cannot marry a man from any other religion. There's stacks and stacks of info on this. Go check out Islamqa for reference inshaAllah. Now, you seem quite a determined young lady. The more you learn, the more your love for Islam will grow...
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    Dubai plans 'moving' skyscraper

    :salam2: ASTAGFIRULLAH! How utterly useless! What a complete waste of space! I truly hope this project gets scrapped. I really worry for Dubai, and the rest of UAE is getting totally carried away too with their crazy constructions. May Allah give them guidance, they are losing the plot, BIG...
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    How to get a book published?

    Assalaamu alaykum JazakAllahu khayran. I will look into what you advised Cadette inshAllah. Brother Louis, thank you, but they don't have such things here in the Gulf, to my knowledge, it'll probably be in arabic anyway, no good to me. Wasalaam Miss Semolina
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    How to get a book published?

    :salam2: :jazaak: for your help. :wasalam: Miss Semolina
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    How to get a book published?

    :salam2: :ma: I have written and illustrated a few islamic stories for my children. I would really love to get them published, but have no idea where to start or who to approach. I do not know how to present my ideas either. Please do any of you have any suggestions? :jazaak...
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    Food For Your Soul

    Assalamu alaykum Nightwind, MashAllah your poems are very good. Why don't you submit them here if you haven't already inshAllah? Wasalaam Miss Semolina
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    Take Your Child By The Hand

    Take your child by the hand Take your child by the hand and lead it to the Garden, lead it along the bumpy path, towards the Garden Gate. Along the bumpy pathway the journey's not so smooth, then it appears from nowhere, just like magic, THE BLACK DOG...
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    The Garden Of Believers

    Assalaamu alaykum Nightwind MashAllah, a lovely poem. Can I just suggest please, that you use capitals for the first letters of powerbeautiful mercy great and creator other words...All the Power or the Beautiful Mercy of the Great Creator of man... in your last line. Hope u don't mind...
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    Asalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters :)

    Welcome Aziza :bismillah: :salam2: Welcome New Sister, So happy to meet you. Hope you benefit greatly from this site, it's a great place to be inshAllah. Take care :wasalam: Miss Semolina ;)
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    Know any publishers?

    :bismillah: :salam2: JazakAllahu khayran for your help brothers. :wasalam:
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    Know any publishers?

    Assalaamu alaykum Please can anyone assist me? I would like the names of publishers who specialise in Islamic books for children. JazakAllahu khayran. Miss Semolina
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    my story

    Welcome Assalaamu alaykum dear sister from Long Island, I pray you and your husband have a long prosperous time together in this life and the next. Welcome, welcome, welcome to this website, your story is touching mashAllah. Keep strong and may Allah guide your dad to al-Islaam. Ameen.:)
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    I'm new

    Many thanks :bismillah: :salam2: :jazaak: for welcoming me to the site. It's a wonderful emaan-boosting site :ma: Keep up the good work everyone! Salaams!