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  1. hijab_sister

    Kia koya kia paya. (Urdu)

    :salam2: :subhanallah::jazaak: great sharing FI AMANILLAH
  2. hijab_sister

    New Pictures I Have Draw:)

    salam aha MASHA ALLAH nice pics.amazing.can i also make such pics?? FI AMANILLAH
  3. hijab_sister

    My Mum

    salam great poem.yeh mothers r always side by side to help us.may ALLAH give all of us mothers healthy long life.cuz v love our mothers alot.shukran for sharing.n ameen. FI AMANILLAH
  4. hijab_sister

    Funny mistakes

    salam sister aha nice very made me realy laugh.hey sister i liked ur avater.very unusual avater MASHA ALLAH. FI AMANILLAH
  5. hijab_sister

    women of modesty

    salam aha nice great sharing brother.i wish all muslims may find such find wife ameen sumameen.shukran for sharing. FI AMANILLAH
  6. hijab_sister

    QURAN for all kind of cell's free.

    salam n thancks alot. it realy worked on my sony ericsson c902.great.i realy don find words to say thancks to u.may ALLAH reward u for this.shukran again. FI AMANILLAH
  7. hijab_sister

    Al-Jannah (And a duaa that will make you go to jannnah!)

    salam nice poem.may ALLAH attain all of muslims with jannah ameen sumameen. FI AMANILLAH
  8. hijab_sister

    I Want To Share

    salam short but nice poem.shukran for sharing.i wish v all cud get wats wrriten in it.thancks to ALLAH for granting us so many blessings. FI AMANILLAH
  9. hijab_sister

    QURAN for all kind of cell's free.

    salam aha very nice.i dnt find words to say shukran.hope it will work on my sony ericsson c902 INSHA ALLAH.great sharing.jazakallahum khair. FI AMANILLAH
  10. hijab_sister

    Zakir Naik's response to Shias on Yazid RAH

    salam brother ur right.our neibhoures here in r shia.they curse alot to all sahaba karam.specialy hadhrat osman hadhrat oomer hadhrat abu baker hadhrat moavia ra.they curse alot to yazeed ra too.they r same like qadyanies.may ALLAH guid them ameen sumameen.dr zakir naik is agreed with...
  11. hijab_sister

    Come Obama and save us from ourselves.

    salam sister aha very good post with deep meaning.i wish obama reads it.n obama goes to save them from thierselves.great post. FI AMANILLAH
  12. hijab_sister

    Loving Allaah's Creatures

    salam yeh true we shud thancks ALLAH for so many blessings.oh ALLAH thanck you.n jazakallahum khair for sharing. FI AMANILLAG
  13. hijab_sister

    Why Am I Here ?

    salam MASHA ALLAH short but meaningfull poem.i got it why am i here??may ALLAH help us all to b good muslims ameen sumameen.jazakallahum khair for sharing. FI AMANILLAH
  14. hijab_sister

    A Muslim detainee to his beloved wife

    salam aha MASHA ALLAH nice made me realy sad.but still find hope in the poem.did u write it ur self??MASHA ALLAH.this poem realy effected me.may ALLAH help all of our brothers in prison.n they meet again with thier families ameen sumameen. jazakallahum khair for sharing. FI AMANILLAH
  15. hijab_sister

    Me Me Me

    salam n welcome to tti sister.INSHA ALLAH v will see u often here.v r like family here.welcome again. FI AMANILLAH ur sister in islam hijab sister
  16. hijab_sister


    :salam2: brothers n sisters found this articale on net n thought to share with u all. FI AMANILLAH COMMUNICATION BETWEEN BIRDS 16- And Solomon was David’s heir. He said: “O my people! We have been taught the speech of birds...” 27-The Ant, 16 In the above verse, it is said that the...
  17. hijab_sister

    i need answer of this question plzzzzz

    salam brother asif shukran for ur reply.jazakallahum khair.i got anwers in it.n my brother will too INSHA ALLAH.infact i also didnt know all this.i used to avoid the food which i have doubts abt.but now i also got ans. FI AMANILLAH
  18. hijab_sister

    i need answer of this question plzzzzz

    salam brothers n sisters it happened with my brother.he lives in uk.studies when he n his frend went to a cafe to have thier lunch as they were hungery.n they saw chicken tikka on menue it wasnt halal.but it was bit cheaper than any other halal food like egg burger or
  19. hijab_sister

    are you an angery person or a cool person???

    salam sorry i forgot to tell im geting angery n hyper.n its the worst habit of trying to overcome it.v shud make wudu n drink some water as v all know its in sunnah.may ALLAH protect us from anger amin sumamin. FI AMANILLAH ur sister in islam hijab sister