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  1. mahaseeb

    Can our Prophet (saw) hear in his grave?

    Asalamualikum.. akhi thanks a lot for the post.It was helpful.May Allah reward you in this world and akhirakh for this deed .. ameen Jaza kallahu khair Abdul Haseeb
  2. mahaseeb


    Walikumsalam Brother; Wel come to this site.Hope you learn a lot from this site.There are quiet a lot of indians on this site and i am one of those. Take care Asalamualikum Abdul Haseeb
  3. mahaseeb

    :A reminder:

    Asalamualikum brother... Mashallah.. thanks for the reminder... may allh reward you for this deed.. ameen.... Jazakallah hu khair Abdul Haseeb
  4. mahaseeb

    My Introduction

    Asalamualikum.. Masahallah brother.. welcom to deen al-islam.May allah bless you dear brother ameen Ma salam Abdul Haseeb
  5. mahaseeb

    Eid Mubarak-- Wishes From sweden

    @Aapa: Walikumsalam.. Eid Mubarak @Aisha.joyo : Walikumsalam.. Eid Mubarak sister. Jazakallah hu khair Abdul Haseeb
  6. mahaseeb

    Eid Mubarak-- Wishes From sweden

    @sister Harb: Walikumsalam May allah bless you sister and accept our fasting and prayers.. ameen Jazakalla hu khair Abdul Haseeb
  7. mahaseeb

    Eid Mubarak-- Wishes From sweden

    Asalamualikum Brother's and sister's Eid Mubarak.Hope every one is pink of health and celebrating Eid. I am just here to wish Eid to all members at TTI. I wish every one a joy full eid.And may allah reward all of of us with the blessings of EID Jazak allah hu khair Abdul Haseeb
  8. mahaseeb

    :Request for Du'aa:

    Asalamualikum.. May allah cure his disease and give him good health .. Ma salam Abdul Haseeb
  9. mahaseeb

    MY revert story! (:

    Asalamualikum... Jazakallah hu khair brother for sharing your story.May allah bless you and reward jannah .. ameen Ma salam Abdul Haseeb
  10. mahaseeb

    The beautiful story of Young Tamil girl converting to islaam.

    Asalamualikum... Mashallah thanks a lot brother for sharing the story of this girl.May allah reward you with jannah.. ameen Jazakallah hu khair Abdul Haseeb
  11. mahaseeb

    (VOTE )Groups protest Muslim prayers at Toronto public school

    Asalamualikum.. brother kashif. These are just humans.What can they do more.They think they are best and plan and plan but the best planner is allah who has the keys.Just make dua in favor of ummah. Jazakalla hu khair Abdul Haseeb
  12. mahaseeb

    Salaam new sister here

    Asalamualikum; Masahallah.. may allah bless you sister. Welcome to deen-al -islam and welcome to to this site TTI.Don't worry sister you will learn here a lot of things.Here we have a lot of well versed people who can help you inshallah. Jazakallah hu khair Abdul Haseeb
  13. mahaseeb

    (VOTE )Groups protest Muslim prayers at Toronto public school

    Asalamualikum brother's and siste's Several faith-based groups protested outside the Toronto District School Board's headquarters Monday over Muslim prayers taking place in a Toronto school. For three years, hundreds of students have been praying in the cafeteria at Valley Park Middle...
  14. mahaseeb


    Asalamualikum ; My dear brothers and sister's in deen al-islam hope every one is doing good and bussy with collecting the blessings of allah from the holy month of ramadan by performing each and every act to the best with sincerity. I found a nice article which moved me and thought of sharing...
  15. mahaseeb

    My first video...

    Asalamualikum... Masahallah... very nice video sister... thanks for sharing... Jazakallah hu khair Abdul Haseeb
  16. mahaseeb

    Tafseer of Quran

    Asalamualikum Brother.. Hope these links will help you inshallah Ma salam. Abdul Haseeb
  17. mahaseeb

    Ramadhan Mubarak!

    Asalamaulikum... Ramadan mubarak to every one... Just had today first tarawih..... alhamdulillah... may allah bless every one with the blessings of every one... ameen Jazakalla hu khaur Abdul Haseeb
  18. mahaseeb

    Hello everyone

    Asalamualikum... Mashallah sister .. that's really great to hear.. may alllah bless and give you strength... ameen Ma salam Abdul haseeb
  19. mahaseeb

    :Call to death at any time:

    asalamualikum.. Bikul sahi farmaya sarkar aap nay.Nasihat bahut zaroori hai bhai.. par nashihat ki qadar karni chahiye aur uss par gaur aur fikr karni chahiye... Ma salam Abdul Haseeb
  20. mahaseeb

    :Call to death at any time:

    Asalamualikum... Brother thanks for Posting... "Bhai kal raat ko aap ko link bhejaa aur aaj aap nay mujhe news banaa diii.. hahaha :D mazaakh kara mere bhai.Well bahut acchi baat hai kai aap nay yeah link post kia taki sab samajh sakey ki zindagi kitni choti hai." Ma salam Abdul haseeb