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    Welcome brother Matta , happy to hear you are a convert , may God help you in doing prayer & fasting , Ramadan is so close now , regarding your town , i understand it is difficult to live with more conservatives but anyway they are your people , i think it is good to behave as you used to in...
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    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

    Welcome sister
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    My Shahada Today!

    Welcome and happy for you
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    NEW muslim youth Podcast (Need Help)

    I think you can discuss some topics related to Isalmic pillars , how o pray , how to fast , what about zakah & pilgrimage You also can speak about islamic values such as care of your parents , leaving alcohol and drugs , islamic concept of perfection in work , worshipping and treating ppl...
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    I just reverted 7 minutes ago

    congratulations lol
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    All brothers & Sisters

    welcome :ma:
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    telling my family im a muslim

    I want to tell you once your heart believes in Islam , you are then a muslim This is so clear. you can attend Juma or not , it is up to you Do not be over care about being judged by another people and know that we , muslims , are not angels and some muslims of course critisize negatively so...
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    you are welcomed and happy for your conversion as well as your siblings :) i am Muhammad , Egyptian
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    Hello to Everyone

    you are welcomed here and i hope more guidance to all people
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    Almost ready to take Shahada

    ok there is no problem in attending funerals of non-muslims and many scholars said there is no problem in attending non-muslim funerals or weddings so do not mind According to your job , taking shahda is something with no relation with your job so take shahda now and try to change your job if...
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    Hi Everyone.

    welcome and congratulations with you in Islam :salah::salah:
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    Help Needed!

    first of all congratulations for reversion for alcohol drinking , it is sin but you can easily ask Allah for forgiveness and intending trying not to do it again it is the all case you do not need to do ghusl or any other thing hoping you more guidance and success ________________ i advise...
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    My Conversion Story

    wow wow wow :lol::lol::lol:
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    Islamic Clothing

    i appreciate all efforts you do here for sake of Islam but i want to mention some points i think they are so important 1/there is nothing called islamic uniform 2/women must cover their bodies except for faces , hands with non-transperent non-narrow clothes 3/arabic traditional clothes and...
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    Asalmu Aleikum

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    The new me.....

    i can not say anything but only my congratulations to you sister and hope your faith go stronger:ma::ma::ma:
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    Salam Friends!

    welcome :ma:
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    Salam Brothers and Sisters!

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    tv's haram, you still watch it. so im going to drink!!

    tv is not haram itself but the problem is in the way we watch tv for example , using knife is not haram if you use it to cut meat but it is haram if you use it to cut your friend!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Do you love your mum or dad the best?

    of course most of people love their mothers more , me too