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  1. Zaii

    Bleeding when pregnant and prayer

    :salam2: to all brothers and sisters, I wasn't too sure if should post this sort of womans problem on the sisters page or not,but I decided against it hoping I woud get a clear answer inshAllah from a brother or sister. The following is my question: Sometimes, when a woman is...
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    Seeing Hardships as a Path to Forgiveness

    :salam2: very good post.:jazaak:
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    Letting go

    I meant its been such a long time since I visited this site******
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    Letting go

    Asalaamu alaikum, its been such a lonh time since ive been on this thread. I am so glad I came across this thread,this is what I have been looking for. Its Allah's Will I read this. I thank sister aapa nd all those who replied. To love is to give and to give is to love. May Allah give us...
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    Conditions of Laa ilaaha illa-Allaah

    :salam2: JazakhAllah for this post
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    An Amazing and Important Hadeeth

    :salam2: jazakhAllah khair for sharing
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    salam, jazakhAllah for this
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    Benifits of Saying ---> Salam alykum wa Rahmatulahi wa barakatu

    Assalamu alaikum warah matullahi wa barakatuh, =) Great hadith. JAZAKHALLAH FOR SHARING.
  9. Zaii

    Allah looks at your heart

    :salam2: I truly love the words of our Pr.Muhammad SAW. For this hadeeth can someone supply me with the evidence, whether it is in Bukhari or saheeh hadith etc? JazakhAllah Khair
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    Boonaa Mohammed - Signs

    MashAllah this bro is too goood
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    =/ JazakhAllah for the advice I won't do the proxy thing. The youtube comments do get on my nerves but i never really care about them as all the comments are from either the narrow minded or those are just bored. I just watch the video and enjoy LOL =) :salam2:
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    :salam2: JazakhAllah to bro Danyal for asking about this and JazakhAllah to all the brothers and sisters who have answered the Q well. Especially in London, UK many youngsters smoke shisha and its widely used by the Middle eastern and those of Indian,Bengali and Pakistani background...
  13. Zaii

    Getting to know one another!

    1. Share with us one of your earliest childhood memories. When my mum sent me to masjid when i was about 10 years old and i became so interested in Islam. I came home one day from a lesson in masjid about prayer (this was when i was 10 years old) and that very day i told myself that i will...
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    Personally, i think its because these countries always give a higher status to CULTURE rather than Islam. And im saying this because my father is also culture orientated and is always saying 'This is our culture' when in fact what he does is against the teachings of Islam. I too am so...
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    Awww sis no worries LOL it happens all the time :muslim_child: Take care sis :salam2:
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    JazakhAllah wonnee3 and Sis ShyHijabi :salam2: Sorry I know it was bad of me without saying thanks so i thank wonnee3 and sis shyhijabi for helping me understand about why gelatine is haraam, JazakhAllah
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    LOL im currently living in the Uk but inshAllah will be moving to china. I'm so used to youtube and now i won't be able to watch it =( I'll try the proxy server thing, when i move to china InshAllah. JazakhAllah for the help =) By the way im a Sister LOL.:blackhijab: :salam2:
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    :salam2: This is not an attempt to discriminate china or to look down upon china. The following link exposes what china censors online. So sad=( youtube..=(
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    ^^ LOL A big welcome to 'Loner' Why the name 'loner'=\?
  20. Zaii

    A Walk By The River

    A Walk by the River Author Unknown Once there was a small house near to a river bank. There were three people living in the house. A man his wife and his old father. The man was very happy with his wife and they had good a life together. But his father was very old and sick and often...