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  1. bc2rlh

    shorter Surat mp3s online.

    To help memorise the Koran, I´d like to find an mp3 page of the longer surats cut into shorter more managable pieces. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  2. bc2rlh

    Cooking Blogs

    I love cooking, like LOVE. I´m sure I think about cooking, food, recipes, cooking methods more than the average person. Thank you so much for the link.
  3. bc2rlh

    Ramadan and Puffer

    Thank you so much for the quick response. Today I went out and when I came back felt a bit wheezy again but refrained from using the puffer until after Iftar because I hadn´t been on the net to check the reponses. Now I can rest easy.
  4. bc2rlh

    Ramadan and Puffer

    Hello all, I have a question which I´d like help with please. This year I have suffered from allergies as I have been living in a new area and have been to the hospital twice with a tight chest, coughing etc and they gave me 10 mins on the gas mask thing and I was tickety boo right-as-rain...
  5. bc2rlh


    Salam, I´m new on here and looking to make some friends. I only knew a few other muslim sisters and they are my husbands sisters. I´m British but have been in living in Spain for almost 7 years - yikes, time flies. It would be nice to know more people. Thanks.
  6. bc2rlh


    Hello, I´m new on here. Like my profile says I was born in the UK but now live in Spain. Anybody else here in Spain? It would be nice to know someone here as when I go to the Mosque I don´t really see any Europeans and I´m shy to start up a conversation and everything is in Arabic so I...