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    ANY ONE FRM INDIA???????????

    As Salamo Aleykum Warahmantullah Wabarakatuhu, Alhamdulillah I am from India too. I am from Bihar State, the name of city is Patna. I finished my study in Patna from Patna College and Patna Law College. I was practicing Law in Patna High Court and was a Standing Counsel and Legal Advisor of...
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    What is Anti-Semitism?? Are Muslims Anti-semitic?

    Anti Semitism As Salamo Aleykum Brothers & Sisters, Wonderful speech, the meaning and concept of 'Anti Semitism' is now clear to my mind, infact anti semitism does not connote to anti Jews but it connotes to anti Moses (Aleyhissalam) and anti Abrahim(Aleyhissalam) and no Muslim can dare to...
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    As Salamo Alekum Brother, Thank you very much for your encouraging and wlcoming note. Truly yours, Masoom Rahmani
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    Brother Mabsoot, As Salamo Alekum Warahmatullah I am writing this note to know that last night I posted an article "WHAT ISLAM DID FOR US" showing Islam's contributions to western world, but I don't find that article in this forum I don't know what has happened to that. That article must be...
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    I am new here!

    Sister Everlasting Ligh, As Salamo Alekum (Peace be upon you) Aameen ! Sister you are most welcome to the Muslim Community. Alhamdulillah (All praises to Allah), Allah Subhanahu Tala has shown to you the correct path (Sirate Mustaqeem) and we pray to Him that He may make it easy for you to...
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    What are they saying about Islam

    Walekum As Salam warahmatullah wabarakatuhu, Sister Ayesha, Alhamdulillah, very well done, good effort to bring the correct and real picture of Deen-E-Islam and its Prophet (S.W.W.) May Allah (S.T.) bring the kuffars & Mushrikeen onto the right path (Sirate Mustaqeem) and also may Allah...
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    Social Politics... ugh!

    Brother Al-Fajr is right to call a None Muslim a None Muslim is not dividing Muslims or suppose if some one is involved in Shirk or Bidaat and telling him that such and such person is involved in Shirk or Bidaat is not dividing the community rather this is action to make other persons aware of...
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    As salamo Alekum brother, I am here to talk to you, but you are not available, so see you next time Insha Allah.
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    :wasalam: :wasalam: Thank yoy for your welcoming note. Hope to hear from you insha Allah in future.
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    As Salamo Alekum brother, How are you doing? Hope Insha Allah you and your family members are fine. Welcome to hear from you. Your friend, Masoom
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    Brother Drimi, As Salamo Alekum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu, Brother I am very much thankful to you for the encouraging words that you wrote to me and also for the hands of friendship that you extended to me. May Allah Subhanahu Tala bestow peace and mercey upon you and your family and make...
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    Thank you message Brother Ayman, As Salamu Alekum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu, Thank you very much for your encouraging note and Dua, may Allah Subhanahu bless you for all your good words and make you happy in this world and the world here after. I would be looking forward to hear...
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    Assalaamyu Alaikum. Please help if you can

    Sister Ayesha, As Salamo Alekum May Allah remove all your distress and discomfort from you and keep you in His protection, Aameen! Ou r Dua is always with you. Keep praying Allah Subhanahu Tala and He is the best healer. Your sincere brother, Masoom Rahmani
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    As Salamo Alekum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuhu ! I am sorry brothers and sisters I have to leave the site and to go to my work. Insha Allah I am going to be here again in the evening. Thank you for wellcomong me. Allah Hafiz.
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    Thank you note Assalamo Alekum Brothers & Sisters In response to your wlcome notes I am so much overwhelmed that the word "THANKS" is falling short to express my feelings of gratitude to all of you. I am overpowered by feelings of joy, happiness and pride that I am a member of this august...
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    As Salamo Alekum Brothers & Sisters, Alhamdulillah its nice to visit this site and to be a part of the Muslim Community. First of all I should introduce my self. My name is Masoom Ali Rahmani. I am an immegrant from India having both Indian and American Citizenship, by profession I...