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    Assalamu Alaikum!
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    Some problems with 'Teach Yourself Arabic'...

    Thank you very much! This looks great! :hijabi:
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    Dalit tortured for daring to wear shoes

    The caste system is one of the blots on humanity... I shall offer du'a. :tti_sister:
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    Ideas for fundraising

    :blackhijab: It may be touchy, but one idea you could possibly use is perhaps mentioning the possibility of donations to people attending the mosque. Again, it doesn't have to be a HUGE amount per person but even a few pounds each could hundreds of pounds. A collection box might be...
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    I need help and advice...

    I'm reminded of a story in the Qur'an which I've just been reading. Abraham (peace upon him) asked his father that he should forget the pagan gods he was worshipping and join Abraham in worshipping the One True God. He spoke to his father only in words of kindness to his father's harsh...
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    Alhamduillah! Welcome and salaam alaykum!
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    How many languages do you speak ?

    Of the languages I know: Ones I know well: English (should do, I am English) French (studied it from 11-18, can now read most French texts) Latin (studied this at school as part of a 'gifted pupil' scheme) Greek (this made up part of my college and university education). Serbian...
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    Some problems with 'Teach Yourself Arabic'...

    OK, I need some help here. I've been learning Arabic with the 'Teach Yourself' Arabic book. Now up until now I've never had any bother with using them, but the Arabic book has not been helpful. My major problem is the pronounciation guide. When I use the CD, the playback is not...
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    Problem with my family and hijaab/jilbaab!

    Thank you so much for the support, it's much appreciated.
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    Ideas for fundraising

    Hi. I'm in the UK too. Is there any way you could host some sort of community fete or open day? If you could, then selling food, drinks and books might be an option. Hmmm...I'm all out of ideas now. The mosque I attend got the money for new carpet through donations.
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    Whats are your addiction ???

    Mine is.....reading! I read an incredible amount, in different languages and on all sorts of different subjects, although my favourite subject is history. :hijabi:
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    10-year-old Filipino boy converts to Islam

    Proof that children can sometimes see through the ignorance that so wraps up adults.
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    Britain's High Class Are Flocking To Islam.‏

    This doesn't surprise me. I read a long time ago about a 8yr old girl who, of her own accord, read the entire Qur'an, began prayers and even started going to the mosque with a neighbor. :ma:
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    Problem with my family and hijaab/jilbaab!

    I'm on the edge of converting to Islam and recently I discussed this with my family. No problem there. But my problem is this: they HATE my jilbab and hijaab. When I wear my jilbab outside they try and make sure they're not seen walking with me, or talking to me. In the house they're...
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    Your experience of Islamophobia??

    I've started wearing hijaab all the time now... and the shocking amount of abuse and trouble it seems to attract is stupid. I went out shopping one night (in hijab and long coat). Now there's a big supermarket just a short walk away from my house and so I went there. A group of...
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    When I say I am a Muslim...***

    :mashallah::mashallah: Very nice!
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    Musical instruments in Islam?

    :salam2: Hope everyone is OK during Ramadaan! I was always wondering this... What does the Qur'an say on the playing of musical instruments? Are there any prohibitions/limitations?
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    My experience of Hijaab!

    :) It was seeing the happy faces of the Muslim students in their hijab here at my uni that got me into Islam.
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    My experience of Hijaab!

    Yaay! I'm not alone! I feel so good...:muslim_child:
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    My experience of Hijaab!

    :hijabi: Well, today I made a big step forward in my path towards Islam. As I know it is an important time of the Islamic calendar, I decided that today was going to be the day I wore the hijab. I actually have a hijaab given to me by a friend but today was the first time I'd...