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    Important Advice to the Muslim Ummah Concerning Palestine by Shaykh Hussain Aal Shayk

    :salam2: Whooo Hooooo Awsome khutbah. the link to read the file appears as a Error for me :girl3:
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    Exposing The Sins of Your Fellow Muslim

    Asallamu Alaykum jazakallah for the very beneficial :muslim_child::ma::muslim_child:
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    Should I approach him

    :hearts: :lol::lol::laughing-dancing::holaaa::fighta::tantrum1::SMILY34::SMILY82::wavyarms::SMILY33::SMILY138::jumpclap::SMILY149::SMILY209::SMILY259::muslim_child: Hope u Invite All Of Us here at TTI to the walima.. Hehehe :hearts...
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    Should I approach him

    :salam2: I would sudgest tell your locl imam after jumah make a announcment.. 'please can So and so Approach and let the lady he follows know will you marry him or not'' If that fails then ask your father/Brother to speak to him or get him to register on TTI. innit :salam2:
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    smooth muslimah here and clear

    :salam2: I am new here too, but it seems like a very nice place. But my Main Question is are u Really smooth and if so how smooth are u as Marmalade jam or Hot fudge cookies Masalm Aisha
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    Let the Sunnah Go Forth

    Let the Sunnah Go Forth For some Muslims, the term Sunnah means nothing. It carries no weight in their lives nor does it inspire them to correct their actions accordingly. Through this prevailing ignorance, it has become a word which is outdated. But the reality is such, that by us rejecting...
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    Finaly Been TTI'd

    erm ok, but i didnt mean to sound cheeky.. ok so Sozz innit
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    Finaly Been TTI'd

    Juzak-allah Khair sis. I just let you know u was missing a Letter I off your screen name... FATMA in UK means a Fat Mother
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    Finaly Been TTI'd

    Finally Been TTI'd :salam2: Everyone. I like to intorduce myself. no prizes for guessing my name i've been a Forum Spotter (like a Window Shopper) actively reading and watching the videos for over 1year now. I was raised as a Catholica hardcore. Went to a catholic Boarding school and...
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    Just joined today!

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    Three Forgotten Prayers

    Imam Ash-Shaafi`ee From "Three Forgotten Prayers" Al-Muzni who is Aboo lbraaheem Isma`eel ibn Yahya said: "I entered upon ash-Shaafi'ee during his illness which resulted in his death, so I said to him: 'What is your condition?' He replied: "I am journeying from this world, and departing from...