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    (help) voice dua to text

    thank you brother..
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    (help) voice dua to text

    assalamualaikum... how are you brothers..? brothers can you all here help me to type this beautiful dua into a text will be better with haraka on it.. thanks
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    [Request] Doa

    assalamualaikum,, Kaifa halukum ya habibi... Iam looking for doa, doa writen in doc and better if there is in audio too but most importen is in text.. If anyone here have or can help me to write a doa after shalat i mean long and good doa, or if there is a text from great syeihk like...
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    Fish with transparent head

    Subhanaallah... nothing word i can say else subhanaallah.. allahu akbar
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    A Real Gift for brothers and sisters :))))

    jazakaallah bro.. this is what i looking for... iam in egypt too.. at Qattamenya, do you know Qattamenya br...?? new cairo, under Mukattam... heheheee...
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    Software to learn arabic

    wahh yg dari indonesia saya juga punya.. tapi bacaan nya ooo gitu.. krn yg baca nya org jawa... lahjah jawa.. ga fasih gitu kan... maka nya tolong nech rekan2 yg bagus bahasa inggris nya ketik uang message sku.. jazakaallah..
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    Software to learn arabic

    :salam2: hay all... i need a software how to read arabic word with sound.. i got one indonesian created but i dont think the makharijul huruf rigth..:( so anyone here have that software with arabian voice..? my friend want to learn arabic but i dont know how to teach him. cause iam not...
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    i want to create a website for downloading al-quran and nashid

    i asked them one year ago.. but i dont get any answer..:(:( thanks for your suggestion..
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    anti-Islam on youtube

    i disagree with all u say... dont force a country like this.. you cant judgement some country like this.. do you now much malaysian websie too doing something wrong.. but we are try and try to think with positiv thingking.. may be they are not a muslim or they are orientalist.. you are...
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    i want to create a website for downloading al-quran and nashid

    :salam2: how are you all my beloved broter and sister..? i have we and you are all in Rahmat and Ma'firatillah.. bro and sis.. i want to create a website.. i would like to share at that site al-quran audio or video + islamic nasheed.. but i little busy now, so i cant create it my self, and...
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    :wasalam: welcome to TTI
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    The child Mahmud Hijazi

    :ma: :ma: i have much sin.. so iam little difficult to hafizh al-quran.. iam now hafizh 4 juz.. but always and always i forget.. i cant completly reread aftare i hafizh it..:(:(
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    oww.. sorry.. jadi apa tuch arti nya kak..?? penasaran juga nech ama arti nick nya..:D:D
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    sama-sama mas... iya saya kebetulan juga tau forum ini.. pas lagi nayri lirik nasheed Ahmad Bukhatir.. dan setelah di baca2 isi forum ternyata forum ini keren..:D:D luas wawasan nya..:D:D salam kenal juga nech..
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    As Salaamu 3aleikum

    :wasalam: :ma: wellcome bro...
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    Asalamu alikum everybody on the Network

    :wasalam: iam new too here.. let be friends with all TTI members..:)
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    thanks for your kindness.. iam really happy here,..:):) is ayman1 is my broder doctor ayman who created IRTH progam..?? this is me bro.. mahmudi..:D:D
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    what should i do?

    is this Dr. Ayman ...? who created irth software..?? this is me bro.. mahmudi
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    :salam2: How are you all..? iam new here.. my name is muhammad mahmudi iam an indonesian 22 year old and now iam studying at al-azhar univercity in cairo, egypt.. iam very nice to see u all..:):) iam very glade if all of you want to be my friends... because iam loving friendship.. iam so...
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    A beautiful Quran Flash.

    :ma: :ma::ma: