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    Thought of the Day

    Good advice :D
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    The Hot Chocolate Story

    Nice story :)
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    Sponsor a Muslim Orphan

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    All for a tree in Jannah...

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    Just 3 questions

    I like the story :D :mashallah:
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    Allah's forgiveness

    Yes it would be very nice :D
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    +2 and -2

    2+48=50 :D
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    Mistakes made on Eid.

    Jazakallah .. Thanks for the post :)
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    New ‘halal’ search engine

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    Manner of Prophet (PBUH) at Iftar

    :mashallah: thanx
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    two in one ? :D

    :salam2: You are right it is in Germany and they have out a fence around it to protect .. Mashallah indeed it is a miracle of Allah :wasalam:
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    Michael Jackson a muslim?

    I made a research to answer your question and several big newspapers claims that MJ is a muslim and he has confirmed it in an interview .. :mashallah:
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    Michael Jackson a muslim?

    :mashallah: I will though google it ;)
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    18 Benefits of Prayer

    :mashallah: Very nice .. and just more reasons and arguments to pray ..
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    december 21 2012

    Only Allah knows when the day of judgement will come. Many kaafirs said that the world will go to an end 06.06.06 BUT it did NOT happen .. Don't waste your time on such websites ..