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  1. WannabeHijabi

    Where to buy Abayas & Hijabs?

    Got to second this. I've got a butterfly abaya of theirs and it is great! Being hippy and plus-sized, I find it hard to find anything that fits and with SunnahStyle pretty much their entire range would fit me off-the-peg. I'd suggest looking at the 'value' range which is designed to be cheap...
  2. WannabeHijabi

    Funny But some people/animal are doing it@tti

    When I get my own house, I'm getting the biggest, fattest, fluffiest cat I can manage to find.
  3. WannabeHijabi

    Funny But some people/animal are doing it@tti

    Why do I have to be a sucker for anything small, fluffy that miaows?!
  4. WannabeHijabi

    Funny But some people/animal are doing it@tti

    Camels are actually kinda cute if you look at them...although they can be bad-tempered things that spit too (I know from personal experience).
  5. WannabeHijabi

    What does it mean to have a dream about the Qur'an?

    I'm asking this as I've had several dreams in which the Qur'an appears, including a dream some time ago in which I was fluently reciting Qur'an (something I can't do, although I read Arabic. At the time I had the dream I couldn't even recite Arabic!). I am wondering if a vision of Qur'an is...
  6. WannabeHijabi

    MaShaAllah! Sa'ad Al-Ghamdi (from) Surat al-an'am

    What a beautiful recitation. I only recently discovered this qari, and the more I listen, the more I love his recitations.
  7. WannabeHijabi

    Are you guys all british

    Brit calling in! I'm a :hijabi:!
  8. WannabeHijabi

    Funny Baking (with or without kids)

    The melted snowmen made me laugh so much....these are all awesome ideas! Love them. Might try some of these for fundraisers.
  9. WannabeHijabi

    Does anyone know where I can find a Bosnian Qur'an translation?

    Preferably as a PDF but any online Bosnian Qur'an translation will do.
  10. WannabeHijabi

    Alhamdulillah Allah answered my prayer!

    Somtimes He answers through the most unlikely source too. My managers were the last two people I'd have thought to want to know about Islam, much less actively encourage my faith. And like yourself, I'm finding that my non-Muslim friends are supportive and very kind to me. Plus my hijab has...
  11. WannabeHijabi

    Interesting Muslim academic Joel Hayward wins libel case against Mail on Sunday and Daily Mail

    It must be said that the DM and most other British newspapers make no real secret of their Islamophobia. You only have to take a brief look at the Daily Mail in particular to see this, with its lurid portrayals of Islam 'taking over' and masses of immigrants swamping the country.
  12. WannabeHijabi

    Alhamdulillah Allah answered my prayer!

    Don't know whether this is a legal policy or a company policy but where I work you only get official breaks if you're working 5 hours or more. But even if you're working for one hour, no-one is going to stop you getting a drink/going to the toilet/anything else like that, unless people start...
  13. WannabeHijabi

    Question: List different ways you strengthen your Iman?

    I listen to various Islamic lecturers, on as many subjects as I can to gain knowledge of the deen. I also try and read a little Qur'an each day, even if it's just a few ayat. I'm trying to make my life around salat, not salat around my life. It's so much easier that way.
  14. WannabeHijabi

    Alhamdulillah Allah answered my prayer!

    I've been trying my utmost to pray 5 times a day, but praying at work mostly involved me making some excuse around prayer time and really hoping that no-one found me or disturbed me. I also found myself being forced by space issues to pray in the communal staffroom, which wasn't ideal. So I...
  15. WannabeHijabi

    If you had the chance to change the world's perception of Muslims in one sentence?

    I had the same idea of a Qur'an verse. I just couldn't choose...
  16. WannabeHijabi

    If you had the chance to change the world's perception of Muslims in one sentence?

    What would that one sentence be? It can be anything you want about Islam or Muslims.
  17. WannabeHijabi

    Refreshing York Mosque praised for offering EDL protesters tea

    You never know, this series of events may spur other mosques and Muslim communities to actually do something in terms of reaching out to non-Muslims. I would also add to your post the shame that is the mainstream media's unwillingness until now to recognise and acknowledge the disgust and...