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  1. saqlawi

    Shaykh an-Najmee Declares Saddam Hussain a Muslim!

    Two thirds of Kuwait is a U.S. military base. Kuwait rightfully belongs to Iraq, it is just a puppet nation from which the west attacks us. The kurdish villages you're talking about? Gassing would take place after Iranian retreats, there was a WAR between Iraq and Iran. Weapons used were...
  2. saqlawi

    Shaykh an-Najmee Declares Saddam Hussain a Muslim!

    No man has been through such a systematic demonization as Saddam has. The U.S. lied about him several times over throughout a decade to serve their own purposes. And I guess having repeated that lie enough, many people even here are fooled. Saddam Hussein is a martyr of the ummah, his...
  3. saqlawi

    SICK AND TIRED!!!!!!

    Hilarious video! And I feel the same way living in America, it's difficult not to feel isolated. It's like my house and the outside world are two different universes, anyone know what I'm talking about? And you don't even stand a chance arguing with Americans because their entire knowledge...
  4. saqlawi

    SICK AND TIRED!!!!!!

    9/11 was an operation carried out by Al Qa'ida- which is a MUSLIM organization. We cannot say Muslims had nothing to do with 9/11. The real question should be: Was it wrong to attack the US in such a way? We can all provide as many answers as we like, but we will still be sitting...
  5. saqlawi

    Philosphy vs. Islam...

    :salam2: Atheists are the toughest to deal with. To be honest I don't know how to deal with them, they are usually arrogant people who consider themselves "intellectuals." And they consider religion to be a barbaric practice man had long overcome. I usually respond only by looking...
  6. saqlawi

    UK sailors captured at gunpoint

    ibn azem I'm sure abdul hasib is not talking about those terrorists who kill innocent civilians like mahdi army, or US troops. He probably refers to mujahideen who actually fight those who attack Islam. And hayward I hope you're not too offended here. You have to understand that...
  7. saqlawi

    UK sailors captured at gunpoint

    BGfromGB You have still not showed me one "antisemitic" post here. These are dangerous labels, and we can't just let a comment like that go.
  8. saqlawi

    are u extremis or not?

    Extremism and fundamentalism both fall under the word "radical," a powerful propaganda word used by the west to confuse the two. Extremism is prohibited in Islam. One man, for example, told the prophet (pbuh) that he wanted to fast everyday. The prophet said no, as that is a form of...
  9. saqlawi

    UK sailors captured at gunpoint

    No I don't mean alqa'ida sister harb, and I don't think they are enemies of Islam, although I don't agree with some of their actions. What about Saddam? He is the only politician I see who really challenged george bush, I agree with you on al-zawahiri as well. Iran can challenge the US...
  10. saqlawi

    UK sailors captured at gunpoint

    "Mahmoud Ahmedinajad (Iran) and Hassan Nasrallah (Hezbollah)" Those men both have their own agenda, they do nothing to help. They just talk a lot and get some support. Don't look at sunni leaders of today, forget them, they are just trash. What about real Islamic jihad? What...
  11. saqlawi

    i want to get up for fajar

    I like surat alzilzal to wake up, it's quite an eye-opener.
  12. saqlawi

    ISRAEL is the biggest terrorist organization in the world

    I asked you a question. What here is "anti-semitic"? You didn't answer that. Don't be throwing these terms and labels around without explanation.
  13. saqlawi

    Taha Yassin Hanged for Dujail Killings

    The new so called "government" in Iraq consists of criminals and thugs. They lynched my president, and now his vice- of course it is "not right" to hang the legitimate president of a whole nation that did nothing wrong after invading and occupying it. Long live the Iraqi Resistance...
  14. saqlawi

    need of guidence

    Alhamdulillah you have come upon the truth brother. Assalamualaykum. Ditto on what everyone else said, marriage.
  15. saqlawi

    ISRAEL is the biggest terrorist organization in the world

    How was anything antisemetic? I guess if Israel kills Palestinians and bulldoze their homes, we can't talk about it because that would be antisemitic. But if a Palestinian martyr kills Israeli soldiers, he is a terrorist right?
  16. saqlawi

    Latest form the USA!

    Here is my take on 9/11 It is difficult to feel sorry for the Americans that died, after the things they have done to us. But still, a blind hatred will get us no where. It was an attack on the captialist center of the world, and the intentions behind it seem honest and meaningful, I...
  17. saqlawi

    ISRAEL is the biggest terrorist organization in the world

    :salam2: The hate itself is a disease indeed. When one sees oppression and injustice against his people, one must fight it. But fight it with logical action, not blind hatred. "Oh brothers! Oh mujahideen and fighters! For this I call on you now and I call on you not to hate...
  18. saqlawi

    Remembering the Union of Islamic Courts

    :salam2: They are not gone! They still exist, and they fight as a guerilla force now, much like the Iraqi resistance. Just the other day they ran a heavy barrage on the main palace. Allahu Akbar
  19. saqlawi

    Remembering Rachel Corrie

    One American dies, and the world goes wild... thousands of Palestinians and the world is silent.
  20. saqlawi

    Iraqi militias kill two Palestinian refugees, impose taxes on others

    This is very sad, and it is happening a lot to Palestinians in Iraq. Militias like "Jaish AlMahdi" or the Badr Brigades, or the government Death Squads are responsible. (What happened to your other thread about Hamas? Maybe it was deleted because it had the word Zawahiri?)