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    What's your degree or education background?

    :salam2: I'm 20 now, and im currently studying Biotechnology and Food engineering in HAMK, University of Applied Sciences :) Inshallah, will finish my studies in 4 years. :wasalam:
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    Make dua for me!!!

    :salam2: Thanks for taking your time and reading my post. Im getting important results about my studies tomorrow and weather i will get a place in Uni. I want to study biotechnology and its really hard to get there. All, im asking dear brothers and sisters is to make a small dua for me to...
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    GET MARRIED!!! lol

    :salam2: So mine is single sister, want to get married. :wasalam:
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    What is happening to the Ummah?!!!!

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    new member from finland

    Maansha allah, Welcome to our great family. I'm from Finland too, I live in Tampere. If u would like to talk or ask some questions, just PM me. Auttaisin ihan mielelläni :D
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    Asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatu.

    :ma: Maansha allah Welcome to great TTI FAMILY :hijabi:
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    Scandinavian section?

    Niin minakin:SMILY139:
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    **Please, make dua that i do well in my exams!! **

    :SMILY176::salam2: Wow, this came in a good time, cos i have TWO big exams next month and they determine whether i get to biotechnical and medical studies at university. Need to study a lot of chemistry, physics, biotechnics and biology as well and i'm here stuck in TTI Hope u all make du'a...
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    Are You Good At Computers In Genral ?

    :salam2: i chose good, cos i don't thinks that i'm an expert or anything. when i was younger i used to make homepages, but now i just use the basics. :wasalam:
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    salam how many languages u can speak??

    :salam2: I speak: Finnish Somali English French Arabic(little) Swedish So i voted 5+:SMILY139:
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    what is the difficulty in marriage these days

    :salam2: I chose other, because i just finished high school and i'm going to university and the person i'm interested of has the same situation that i have. That's still not our problem but my parents are bringing more to this. My mum thinks i'm too young though i'm only 19. I'm mature but...
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    No beats necessary

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    Hijaab is a woman's real beauty

    :salam2: Thaks for the post. It's a good reminder for us all. I used to be shy wearing the hijab cos i knew everyone was watching me and so, and i'm extremely shy even now, but i got throug it alhamdulillah. And i also understand the problem that nyerekareenm has, muslim fathers aren't...
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    :salam2: It is hard indeed, i'm alhamdulillah born muslim and i still have some hard times wearing the hijab, but don't forget sisters, that i'll be rewarded some day inshaallah :SMILY259:
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    Young muslims and parents?

    :salam2: I really can relate to that. I remember when i talked about this with him and he just got angry and said only when you go to university and get everything done and go to job. Then i said i can be married when i'm studying but and then he said that i could get pregnant, loool. But...
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    :salam2: I really love to read these kinds of stories so thanks sis, jazaakallahu khairan :wasalam:
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    Young muslims and parents?

    :salam2: Believe it or not, but my father doesn't want me to marry until i am like 30. Isn't that crazy or something, cos i don't think that i can wait till there, lol. It's really hard to live in this kind of society where you can almost see everyone naked, so i think getting married...
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    moi aussi, alhamdulillaah
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    I did Shahadah

    :salam2: sis I'M SOOOOO happy for u, i almost burst into tears.:hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts: welcome to the biggest muslim umma now and remember you're like a new born baby and take baby...