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  1. Maryam Sayyidina

    What's your degree or education background?

    Same here sis... I am also PH. D in that major:SMILY231: But also thinking to continue study, maybe in psychology or communication:D
  2. Maryam Sayyidina


    go after your passion. Islam is beautiful as beautiful the nature. I like photography too sister. May Allah reward you the best career which also your passion, :tti_sister: Amin
  3. Maryam Sayyidina

    Advice to Muslim Bride /Wife

    :ma: be a bride need bullets such this advice. Any info where I can find the book?
  4. Maryam Sayyidina

    Matrimonial Site

    Many sites looks like focus on member number instead of being islamic matrimonial which give info about the spouse religiously, I think. Alhamdulillah you find your half already sister Alf2.
  5. Maryam Sayyidina

    are you Ideal Muslimah...let us see..

    :ma:i like this thread
  6. Maryam Sayyidina

    Matrimonial Site

    I see many muslims matrimonial site. But the content is quite odd, more like dating site than site looking for a spouse. :ma: What you think about this? Will you join this site--if you are single of course.:lol:
  7. Maryam Sayyidina

    help me make the best tea

    tea with milk it's yummy, anyone ever tried?
  8. Maryam Sayyidina

    Hello Everyone!

    enjoy this site and enjoy the beauty of Islam. open up your heart and mind to discover the truth religion. Why don't you start the discussion by making thread?
  9. Maryam Sayyidina

    A important question

    why should only in Valentine's day to have romantic dinner..? Valentine is not from Islam anyway.
  10. Maryam Sayyidina

    help, ... please, ...

    I just can help you with my dua. May Allah reward your Iman dealing with all this problems with the Jannah. Ameen
  11. Maryam Sayyidina


    Subhanallah... hope you can make it into song lyrics... young people out there may listen it.
  12. Maryam Sayyidina

    Muslim from Central Asia!!

    Welcome to TTI:)
  13. Maryam Sayyidina

    Eid on Monday Dec 8

    Jazakillah khayr
  14. Maryam Sayyidina

    SMOKING !!!

    I think not only Philip Morris donate to Israel. Mc Donald, Nokia, IBM, Careffour,etc. How to end this up? It's lmean that we need replacement for all those companies. Can we?
  15. Maryam Sayyidina


    you are right. But I still have to having the celebration, deep down in my heart I don't.Gee confusing. Really? Are you in Jakarta?
  16. Maryam Sayyidina

    Allahs 99 Namen

    :salam2: I speak Deutsch just lil bit,and know I am learning it. Can I copy your thread brother? Vielen Danke :wasalam:
  17. Maryam Sayyidina

    Ways to sharpen your memory

    :subhanallah: nice posting
  18. Maryam Sayyidina


    Nice never think about that before. Alhamdulillah I never did it.
  19. Maryam Sayyidina

    Job Vacancies for Muslim

    :salam2: Thank you for sharing . I really want to work in Islamic school abroad . Maybe if there any another vacancies you can post. Jazakallah Khayr
  20. Maryam Sayyidina

    how long does it take for allah to answer a servant's prayer ?

    :salam2: Beside all the references that valid from Quran, maybe this one will make you think that Allah ALWAYS full fill our wish. Allah Answers prays in 3 ways: He Says “YES” and give what you want He Says “NO” & give you something better He Says “WAIT” & give you the best in His own time