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    Article Last Surahs of the Quran and Blessings

    Humans are fragile and easily susceptible to the worldly problems. For every dilemma a person’s face, any uncertainty a person sinks into or any celebrations they come across the believer turns back to the Quran. The peace it holds for a believer is beyond comprehension as it a source of...
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    Alhamdulillah Multiple Duas for different situation

    Islam is the religion in which Muslims can stay connected with his/her Creator at whatever time, any place By having a propensity for presenting heavenly "AAYATS" which are generally called "DUAS". Our Prophet MUHAMMAD (peace be upon Him) has asked a lot of times for asking dua whether you are...
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    Learn Arabic Alphabet Pronunciation with Lilmuslim Android App

    ‘LilMuslim’ is an Islamic smartphone app designed for Muslim kids and assists them in learning Arabic alphabets in a fun environment. It features a wonderful user interface with fun environment, cute characters and games through which learning Arabic becomes all faster and easier for them...
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    Surah Ar Rahman App with Translation (Android and iOS)

    There is a total of 114 Surahs in the Holy book Quran Kareem. All the Surahs of the holy Quran have their own importance, however, Surah Ar Rahman is very important Surahas of the Quran. In this Surah, Allah has reminded of the blessings on Man and Jinn. This is very interesting Surahs to listen...
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    Interesting Mosque and Halal Finder – Trace Mosques and Halal Restaurant

    If you are in a place where you find difficult to locate the nearest halal restaurants situated in your area then use the Mosque and Halal Finder application which is useful to find the exact location and address of nearest halal restaurants. It can also find the nearest mosques in your area...
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    Noorani Qaida App – Noorani Qaidah for Kids (iOS and Android)

    To be able to read Arabic and Quran is in Arabic language is a very big project. Some time is required in order to complete this project. In order to save the time and to be able to learn in an easy to use way, our company Quran Reading has developed an application named as Noorani Qaida. This...
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    Learn Quran Tajweed through Tajweed Al Quran App

    Recitation of Holy Quran with proper pronunciation is full of blessings. Without proper pronunciation recitation of Quran is of no use. To make Tajweed Holy Quran learning easy for Muslims all around the globe Tajweed Al Quran app is playing an important role in this regard. Benefits: Now...
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    TurnToIslam Sahih Muslim -Complete Hadith App

    Sahih Muslim is Hadith App. which provides you complete books of Sahih Muslim Hadith. Sahih Muslim Hadith is second most praised by Muslim. Sahih Muslim Hadith is compiled by Imam Muslim. This app provides you authentic information of Hadith so that you can read and memorize any where you want...
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    Brothers Most read 5 Quran Surah App

    Smart phones are now very common and apps are the one of the main factor of their smartness J. There are many Islamic apps as well which can be used to earn virtues via smart phones. Today the app under consideration is 5 Quran Surah available on android platform. It consists of Surah Yaseen...
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    Muslim Prayers Alert App for Android & iPhone

    One of the simple and colorful App for Smartphone and iPhone is Never Miss Prayer that is basically a personal reminder. User can easily set alarm manually by according to their location. Many option to set the alarm for Prayer.When Prayer time has reached the alarm ringing; it has two types of...
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    Kids Wudu Series: Wudu Guide for Kids and Converted Muslims

    This application is a complete guide for the kids and newly converted Muslims to perform step by step wudu. Kids will enjoy this application as it contains a puzzle game which is designed specifically for the kids to understand the order of wudu (ablution). The information section can be useful...
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    Sahih Bukhari- A Mobile Application

    Sahih Bukhari is one of the most authentic books of Al-sittah of Islam. In Arabic “Sahih” means “correct” or “perfect”. Sahih Bukhari book was compiled by a Persian Muslim Muhammad Al-Bukhari in 854 AD and it was in Arabic language. According to Hafiz Ibn Hajar, the name of the book was...
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    Learn About Allah, The One and Only God, The Creator and Sustainer of the universe.

    Subahan ALLAH masha ALLAH , thank for the best post , i think everyone should read this !!
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    Be Careful Who You Take Your Deen From!

    yes you are absolutly right.. Masha ALLAH very good post !
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    Assalamu Alaykum sisters and brothers

    wa alaikum assalam .. welcome to the forum !! its good to have you here !
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    I was a Jain Hindu. I converted to Islam just yesterday

    Welcome to Islam brother. insha ALLAH your all worries will be over soon !! May ALLAH bless you 1
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    Living as Muslim

    Wa alaikum assalm.. masha ALLAH Welcome to Islam brother.. May Allah bless you !