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  1. Sister S

    Help with Uncle

    :salam2: I was praying my quran today and my uncle walked in, he picked up my english translation and said "who's Marmaduke Pickthall?". He said you shouldn't just pick an english translation of the quran and follow it, I agreed with him. But it's been a while since I had the translation...
  2. Sister S

    The Appearance of Yajuj wa Ma’juj’ (Gog and Magog)

    :salam2: Jazakh Allah for sharing.
  3. Sister S

    My Beloved

    :salam2: Beautiful. Mashallah you are doing a good job, I really enjoy reading your posts Brother. May Allah reward you.
  4. Sister S

    The Stone Started Running away with the Clothes

    :salam2 Jazakh Allah for sharing.
  5. Sister S

    three babies who spoke in the cradle

    :salam2: Jazakh Allah for sharing.
  6. Sister S

    “Not you! You!” Tibet versus Palestine

    :salam2: Sister, That article is soo true. I saw the Olympic torch relay going on. Protests in London, Paris, San Francisco. Would they ever protest about freeing Palestine and would it get that much media coverage? No way People of Palestine you are in my duas.
  7. Sister S

    Dua when finished reciting Quran

    :salam2: I was just wondering if there's a certain dua that you recite when you have finished praying the whole of the Quran? If there is can someone please post it here. Jazakh Allah for your help.
  8. Sister S

    The Perfect Role Model- Masha'Allah

    :salam2: Jazakh Allah for the post.
  9. Sister S

    ** my first video on youtube **

    :salam2: Brother, Mashallah you have done a great job.
  10. Sister S


    :salam2: I am married, but no kids yet. Inshallah in the future. I was babysitting for one of my friends, who has a 3 yr old daughter. My friend has started her daughter wearing the hijab, so she can get used to wearing it now. When she was at my house it was time for prayers and I told...
  11. Sister S

    Do you have burdens?

    :salam2: Jazakh Allah for sharing
  12. Sister S

    Need help finding a thread

    :salam2: Jazakh Allah Sis for the links. They helped alot. :blackhijab:
  13. Sister S

    I want to help Palestine

  14. Sister S

    Need help finding a thread

    I read in that thread that 3 things benefit the dead, dua, charity and Hajj or Umrah. I can't seem to find it, I have to go now so will look for it later. Jazakh Allah for your help.
  15. Sister S

    Need help finding a thread

    :wasalam: Sorry, I don't think I explained myself clearly. I meant some people Pray Surah Yasin or the whole of the quran for a family member or someone who has passed away. There was a thread regarding this and I wanted to find it.
  16. Sister S

    Need help finding a thread

    :salam2: A couple of weeks or months ago there was a thread about praying quran for the dead. I've tried looking for it but i can't seem to find it. I really need this to show someone. If anyone can find the link, I will be very grateful. Jazakh Allah
  17. Sister S

    Highly Recommended.....

    :salam2: Lol! Jazakh Allah for sharing.
  18. Sister S

    Urdu TTI?

    :salam2: Good idea!!! Let's hope we see it soon, inshallah!
  19. Sister S

    Living happily

    :salam2: Beautiful story. Jazakh Allah for sharing.
  20. Sister S

    The writing of Allah and Muhammad (pbuh) together on walls

    :salam2: Brother osmanelmais there is no need for you to be so harsh. You could have said it in a much politer way.